On the Run!

The “Will Run For Wine” Running Group had another adventure!

This time I was delighted to meet up with Brittany & Amy, both sorority sisters. Brittany is training to do her first 5k and lead the way with a podcast she had downloaded. She explained that on iTunes you can download different workouts and run podcasts that lead you through your experience. The podcast seemed to follow the Galloway method of running for a few minutes and walking for a minutes.

We were enjoying the beautiful fall scenery on the green belt when the winds blew in. We were caught up in a twister of leaves. The three of shrieked and shrilled as it appeared to be snowing yellow & red leaves all around us. Luckily we were close to the end of journey, because it was starting to rain and it was becoming cold.

Our Running Stats:
Distance: 3.62 miles
Time: 55 minutes
Calories burned: 397

Once I arrived home I knew it was time for some dinner! The boyfriend who prefers that I use the name of J. Alabama instead of his real name and I decided upon an interesting Chicken Cordon Bleu type recipe. Honestly it was way better than any other CCB dish I have had before, probably because there was no ham involved. I am not a huge meat eater. Chicken is the main meat that I eat.

We breaded some chicken and lightly fried it in a bit of olive oil. Once it was mostly done he cut a slit in it and put a slice of fresh mozzarella cheese and a few sauteed onions and topped with fresh spinach. MMmmmm.. Mouthwatering!

Here is my plate, a healthy mix of veggies and rice.

J. Alabama prefers to just stick with meat and rice, but I snuck a few peas on there because I know he needs his greens!

How do you feel about veggies? What is your favorite kind?


4 thoughts on “On the Run!

  1. Mmmmm! Yum! Linzi, I am LOVING your blog! You're a great writer. Last night was super fun, I'm glad you wrote about it.My favorite veggies are steamed artichoke, broccoli, and cauliflower. I usually use too much salt and/or butter, but I just adore a big helping of steamed vegetables. It's even my hangover food, lol.

  2. Hey Linzi!I am an avid reader of Brittany's blog and just popped by to say hello. First-that dinner looks amazing!! I have never been a big fan of CCB b/c of the ham, so I may have to try it your way. (Love that you gave the bf like 7 peas on his plate. Too funny!)Best of luck to you in your marathon endeavors. A few years ago my husband lost 70 lbs through diet and exercise. He now competes in triathlons and we frequently run in 5 & 10Ks together.Good luck to you girl! You're doing great so far!

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