A tribute

Well I am sad to report that I missed the “WRFW” running group last night. But, I had a good reason though. MICHAEL JACKSON! Okay, so we had a family girls night out. The evening included my mom, grama, great aunt Glo, Aunt Betty, and cousins Katie & Nichelle.

I have always loved MJ since I was a little girl. I am not sure if it was the beats, the jams, the lyrics, or the dancing? Either way I love his music. We wanted to pay our tributes to the King of Pop, so we did!

We were V.I.P!

This Is It was a great movie. It felt as though you were sitting front row at a Michael Jackson concert. This movie does not touch on MJ’s past, his life, or anything but the last time he was going to put his show on the road. It was a chance for everyone who had put work into this production to have something to show for it.

It was my chance to witness a Michael Jackson concert, because had he ever made it anywhere close to Spudland I probably wouldn’t have been able to afford the tickets anyways. If you are a fan of MJ you will not disappointed!


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