Happy Halloween, Blue & Orange Style!

As I was pulling into my apartment complex after a great workout at the gym, I could hear the screams of “BOISE….STATE!” echoing through the sky. I was surprised at how well I could make out the yells from Bronco Stadium. It brought an instant smile to my face. I am a die hard BSU Bronco fan! If I didn’t have so much Halloween prep-work to do today I myself would be down there with the rest of them hooting and hollering for the Blue & Orange!

I am wishing my Broncos good luck today! You can do it!! They are playing San Jose State today and should smoke them as usual. 🙂

This is my friend Tara & I at a bronco game. This picture is circa of about 2006. It’s the most recent awesome bronco pic I could find. I surely need to fix that!

Happy Halloween everyone! I bet you can’t wait to see what I have in store for you for my Halloween edition. I am hosting a Halloween Bash tonight and am excited to report the after math tomorrow!

***Update: Bronco’s won 45 to 7!! YAY!


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