The last light run…

Fall is setting in.

I am glad to be able to bundle up in my hoodie and sip my pumpkin spice mocha with the light breeze upon my face all while enjoying the beautiful scenery around me. With the changes of scenery and seasons come the change of time.

Turning back the clock means a whole extra hour! The only thing I dislike is the early darkness. The WRFW running group has been meeting on a regular schedule finishing just before the night has set in. Now with our running schedule we will need to be creative on where to run safetly and hopefully warmly! This will be a test against mother nature once again, but I am confident we will win again.

Speaking of runs….. Check it out! The WRFW group met back up today to finish off the week with a great run. The weather was on our side! GORGEOUS! With the snow flurries yesterday I for sure thought we were going to have an interesting day ahead of us. Lucky for us, Boise weather always keeps you on your toes!

The Linz, Amy, Nicole, Bethany & Amber

Running Stats:

Distance: 4.49 miles
Time: 53.08
Cals: 493

I am excited to see new faces every time we run! Our group is growing at a rapid pace but it’s so full of motivation! I love that I could call on every one of these ladies to go on a run with me and some of them I have just met!

I have to say I was also pretty impressed with the speed at which Nicole & I kept today. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to hang in there and I did! This was after not running since monday. I also decided since I had the day off today I would hit up my favorite class at Golds Gym Body Combat, which is a cardio kickboxing class. Ahhh… nothing like kicking and punching the crap out of the air! I tell ya it’s quite a release!

Today rocked! And I am so ready for awesome Halloween fun tomorrow! YAY!


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