I Ran For Wine!!

WRFW Group~ Brooke, Amber, The Linz, Michelle, Brittany & Amy (Roxy & Rio, Brooke’s Doggies)

YEAH! Wednesday night’s run was a great one. We found a new route that we liked and was perfect for night time running. It was in a public area, lots of lighting and there were great views of the city.

I was excited because I was going to meet up with a friend after the run to have a wine night! So I really used the run as motivation.

Our Running Stats:
Distance: 3.30 miles
Time: 37:00
Cals burned: 361 (that’s atleast two glasses right?)

Ahh… 🙂

My friend Ashley is a Scentsy Consultant. Scentsy is the most amazing smelling, yummy, delicious wax stuff. It’s a little brick of wax that is heated by a small lamp and emits the most amazing aromas!

This was my first time smelling them and she had over 85 smells for me to test out. Some were so delicious I wanted to eat them.

Some were not. (One even smells like leather, which actually smells like a shoe store, not sure if that one is a big seller or not).

To clense my nose palate, I was instructed to sniff coffee in between scents.

(Scentsy, you really need a coffee smelly one!)

Well I did find about 10 smells that I cannot live without. So I will be putting in an order. These things are the bomb.com!!

Cheers to wine & scentsy night!


3 thoughts on “I Ran For Wine!!

  1. I love wine! I saw your post on a different blog and decided to check out yours! Good luck with your marathon training, I hope to run a half someday!

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