Things I Never Thought I Would Do (& Like)

Less than a year ago it would have seemed crazy.

The idea alone freaked me out.

I never thought I would agree to do it.

I still am amazed that I am finding myself enjoying in such an activity.

I am bonding with my Annie Oakley side.

Yes, this is what I did on my “rest” day. And this is what J. Alabama considers his kind of “date night” – shooting it up in the desert.

Dating a man of the military has provided me with interesting opportunities and this shall be one of the biggies. I never, EVER, thought I would shoot a gun, let alone some-what enjoy the idea. But the boyfriend has been super patient and educated me on the whole process, which has given me a lot of respect toward the sport.

I think it is important in a relationship to take interest in each other’s activities. It doesn’t mean it’s my favorite past time, but it is a really cool feeling to have a piece of metal in my grip. And it has been a fun activity for us to do together.

The power that I felt when I pulled the trigger was indescribable. It shook up every bone in my body, yet gave me an adrenaline rush. I felt so powerful and bigger than life. I expect this feeling will be similar to the feeling I get when I cross the finish line for my marathon. Well, maybe just the adrenaline rush part.

Intense! This was a college text book and the bullet went straight through.

I am really happy that I let myself learn about shooting guns. It was always something that I was really afraid of and wanted nothing to do with. Having a basic understanding of how to operate this machine makes me respect it, instead of fearing it.

I love to have new experiences and learn new things. It’s the things you fear that you gain the most from when overcoming. Whatever it is, big or small, you will never realize how strong and amazing you are until you stretch yourself out of your comfort zone.

So to this, I thank the boyfriend for giving me the opportunity to try something new, even if it did scare the crap out of me!


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