Raking Snow

Some days you just need to write yourself an Operation Beautiful note.

I am choosing to look at myself in a whole new way. I am no longer going to let the number on my scale define how I look & feel. I have been letting it rule my life for the past years and it has made me nothing but unhappy. So I am leaving that note attached to my scale as a reminder that I am beautiful – no matter what!

You should try it – it’s very liberating. I know some of you have sworn off scales completely and that inspired me to look at mine in a whole new way.

Speaking of feel good moments… I just love doing something good for others. I have been giving back to my community since I was very young. And know there is always more that can be done. So every opportunity I get I try to give back.

Yesterday I joined up with Tracy (my roommate from when I studied abroad in Italy) and a group of her friends to “Rake Up Boise”. Rake Up Boise is an annual event where you and friends form teams and get assigned houses to rake leaves for the elderly & disabled.

It was nice surprise to wake up early Saturday morning to find a blanket of fresh snow on top of the ground. How our leave raking adventures were going to go, no one really knew. We decided to just show up at our first house and see what we could accomplish.
I recruited my best friend Maria to join in the fun!

Our first house comprised of us literally raking snow until we formed little piles of snow & leaves. It was quite successful actually and our raking army was able to rake & bag the leaves from the front & back yard in less than 30 mins.

Team Rakes-A-Lot Coordinator Tracy is in the middle with the pile of leaves in her arms.

We moved on to house number two. The elderly lady in house number two was so impressed by our groups efforts, she came out of her house as we had nearly finished to thank us. I was practically in tears as she talked. She explained that her & her husband both had severe heart problems and we were helping her out tremendously by doing this. She then asked our group if we would be willing to head next door and rake her neighbors yard – as she was a single elderly woman with failing health too.

Without even thinking about it our whole group went straight for the back gate and began feverishly raking. This yard by far had the most leaves of all 4 houses we raked that day. But the look on the woman’s face was priceless. She was taken aback by our generous help, as she hadn’t even asked for it.

It was so touching to be able to do this for someone else who truly needed it. *tear* I can’t even write about it without almost crying. I think that is what is so great about this time of year, so many opportunities to help others and give back to your community.

I would like to try and commit to some kind of Community Service project each month. Even if it’s on a small scale.

Giving back & helping others is such a precious gift.


5 thoughts on “Raking Snow

  1. I love the operation beautiful note on the scale!! Amazing idea! I hope you send the picture in so I can see it on the operation beautiful blog!I am not going to lie I kinda teared up reading your post. What you and your group did is AWESOME! Your right giving back and helping others is such a precious gift!

  2. I teared up too. Not gonna lie. I also loved how you ended with wanting to do something on a small 'scale' each month. Nice way to bring it back around to the scale. 🙂 Going for kleenex now. – Lotus

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