Brother Sister Brother Night

First of all, I am super excited to announce that J-Bomb my older brother has moved back to Boise this week!

He has been living in Pennsylvania for many many years and just got a job back here in Potato Land. I’m am excited to have him back here so us siblings can hang out together.

Tonight is going to be “Brother Sister Brother Night”. I can only imagine the kind of trouble we are going to get into when Twin Powers & J-Bomb are out on the town. But you can be sure that whatever the mischief, I will have a full report tomorrow, unless I’m in jail. Just kidding….

Right now I’m trying to convince both of them to join up with “The Will Run For Wine” running group tonight. The Men:Ladies ratio is non-existent so they have good odds. Plus it would be fun to give them a glimpse into what I have been up to these last few months. See if the boys can hang with the girls. I will let you know if they join up.

Then we will be watching the Boise State vs Utah football game. I am a HUGE fan of BSU f-ball and we gotta keep up the winning streak. Go Broncos!


I’m feeling super sore today. I (literally) hit up the Body Combat class last night at the gym. It was a bit more intense this time but amazing as usual! I love love love this class because I feel like I am getting an overall body workout. My arms, legs, core… it’s all sorts of sore today. It’s that good sore though. The kind that reminds you that you did something last night and gives you the urge to do it all over again.

I find that I more motivated by a group setting. Whether it be group exercise classes, the running group, races, etc. I am trying to find inspiration to bust out of my comfort zone and do some more challenging stuff on my own. I would like to incorporate more strength training routines into my workouts – but still feel clueless. Right now there is no strength training whatsoever in my routines. 😦 I have heard that not only will strength training help in weight loss but it can actually help shave off time when running. Stronger muscles = fast runs?! Count me in.

I think I am going to make another attempt at the 30-day shred and really do it for 30 days. Let me know if anyone else wants to Shred it up in December with me. 🙂

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