26.2 or Bust…

The magnet bandit was out on the loose this weekend. I came home to find this attached to my front door.

I was super excited when I saw this because it completely represents my goals. I had a suspicion on who I thought it was -none other than Paige! She is the one who got me into running several months ago. I decided to hang it on my fridge as a reminder of where I am going (destination 26.2 or bust).

Speaking of running… The Will Run For Wine running group had a meet-up on friday night. I mentioned last week that I had hoped both brothers could do it. Well I got one of out two, not bad! We were also joined by Brittany’s husband Brent. It was invasion of the guys at WRFW running group. It was nice though to show them what us ladies have been up to.
(Linz, Bethany, Brittany, Brent, A-Bomb, Michelle)

After a nice 3.5 mile run through downtown Boise, we thought we deserved a beer. This was actually our first official WILL RUN FOR WINE BEER after run drink as a group. Due to the $3.00 pitchers we couldn’t resist going for some beer.

Shortly after the WRFW group arrived, J-Bomb arrived and Brother Sister Brother Night was well on it’s way! The night was a success. The siblings got to hang out and enjoy another Bronco Football massacre!

Goals… Goals.. Goals… I talk a lot about my goals which I think is important because then it becomes visual. When you write them down or spread the news you feel more likely to accomplish them because you are somewhat being held accountable. So I have decided to dub December “Shred it” month. I am going to start The 30-Day Shred on Sunday November 29th. I will take before & after measurements & photos as another way to document my journey and to keep myself going strong.

I am excited to jump into this challenge along with the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge as a way to keep active through this holiday season. It seems that these times are the hardest for me due to an increase in holiday feasting. I feel that if I am keeping up a regular exercise routine, a few extra treats are not going to ruin the progress I have made.

So “Happy Shredding” & “Happy Bootie Bustering”!!


5 thoughts on “26.2 or Bust…

  1. beer, beer, beer! one of my many downfalls….as well as wine! lol.love the sticker. I like running accessories.Recently, i came across this website: http://shop.liftyoursole.com/and ordered a bunch of fun things. still waiting for my order to come in.and you are doing the 30 days shred. i heard about that. i heard its very intense. keep everyone posted on your progress.and WOOOhooooo for HBBC – have u started racking up the points yet?

  2. Your running group is really cool, it looks like a lot of fun. I am looking forward to hear about how the 30 day shred is, i want to try it also.

  3. Great sticker!! I have a similar one on my fridge that says "Half Marathon Ho" ;)I liked the Shred when I tried it, but my downstairs neighbor is not a fan of all the jumping (she bangs our floor with her broom like Mr. Heckles from Friends)…think I should I try some sort of cardio substitute?

  4. I'll shred with you, Linz! Can't remember if I told you that or not. And I LOVE having guys in the group now…so fun!

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