Finding Balance

Destination 26.2 started as a way for me to document my experience of training & finishing my first ever marathon. Along the way I have started to incorporate things I eat & drink and many random & interesting life moments as well. I don’t want to fool anyone into thinking that this blog is going to be strictly about running & marathon training. At least not yet.

I am about 6 months away from intense marathon training so am taking the time now to learn to balance different things in my life. To learn the art of “everything in moderation” is a skill that I am working very hard at. I am not letting myself feel guilty or bad if I have a glass of wine or miss a workout – but I am also working on discipline and routine as these are going to be very important in the success of my future marathon.

I just felt the need to clarify things as I have felt my day to day entries have been more about food & life lately and less about running. I know that with the changing seasons the running will become more and more and the crazy wine tasting adventures fewer, until then… tis the season. Right?!

Today’s adventures lead us to a wine tasting.

I vowed to take today off to recover from the gym as I am having trouble sitting & standing due to my intense leg workout yesterday. J. Alabama introduced me to squats & the leg press – both of which are awesome but very painful the day after.

My brother had heard about this great Wine Coop that was not too far away and wanted to check it out. It was $5.00 to taste 15 different wines from 3 different wine makers. These 3 wine makers are local and fairly new to the area.

We began our wine tasting adventures with the Cinder Wines. We tasted two wines (a Tempranillo & Viognier) both of which are not going to be bottled until next year or later. So these wines are still maturing and changing and left a bit up to the imagination.

We moved onto the Vale Inc wines which brought an interesting Malbec, Cabernet & Merlot. I am not a huge Merlot fan but found theirs to be rather good. I like a smooth finish, so found myself completely in love with the Malbec.
The Winemaker & Me

We did manage to taste all 15 but not without a slight wine buzz. It was a fun experience to learn about three winery’s and about their different wines. Idaho is just starting to explode in the wine area and I am loving it!

I felt really proud of the workouts I have done this week and knew a little wine tasting was well deserved. I think it’s okay to treat yourself every now & then. And sometimes I think my sweet tooth has been disguised as a sweet tongue… I just love wine, even more than chocolate.


2 thoughts on “Finding Balance

  1. I LOVE the pics/recap and it makes me want to go wine tasting NOW! I agree that it's all about balance… we still have to live a little!Cheers! 😉

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