I get it

Watching the Biggest Loser completes my day.

It brings me to tears. It brings me happiness. It brings me inspiration.

I have been watching the show loyally for about 3 seasons and feel like I have gotten so much out of it. I used to sit on the couch with a big glass of wine and stuff my face while crying through it only a year ago. But every season brings bigger transformations and another story that I can relate to. Another success story to say I can do anything I put my mind to.

I see the joy in the contestants faces only weeks after they have been on the show. Yes the weight loss does not take away all of their problems but as Jillian said tonight “It’s a great place to start”. To start with a new body image and self esteem.

I was excited to see them compete in The Biggest Loser Marathon tonight too. This solidified to me that anything is possible. I have 10 months until my marathon – these guys had only 2 months of preparation. INSANE!

I felt like something clicked for me tonight that hasn’t before. I feel like I get it. I understand what I need to do and I am SO ready to stop making excuses and just get it done. I don’t have a lot of things in my life that are holding me back from being happy with my body. Which tells me that now is the time!

I am not focusing on a specific number but how my body looks and feels and how my clothes fit. I took a vow a few weeks ago to not let the scale define me. It was surprising to see my Operation Beautiful note made the website today. This note is still stuck to my scale as a constant reminder that I am beautiful and I am happy regardless of the number that stares back at me. I do not want to be a prisoner of a number.

Unless it’s the number 30. As in THE 30 DAY SHRED. šŸ™‚

Day #2: I got on the Shred workout right after work. My stomach was grumbling and I was tired and anxious to watch The Biggest Loser, but thought I would feel so much better watching the show with day 2 of the Shred accomplished.

I wasn’t sore today until I started doing the workouts. It’s as though my muscles were remembering the workout from yesterday but were still aching a bit. I kicked it up a notch today and could really tell because I was sweating up a storm. I think I took it a little easy yesterday as a way to gage level 1.

I was able to do 9 manly push-ups before I had to resort to the girly knees version. My goal tomorrow is to do atleast 10, with the following days becoming stronger and stronger resorting in me being able to do all of them that way.

Tommorow’s shred is going to rock!

6 thoughts on “I get it

  1. I wish I could've seen it, the show came on so late because of the presidental speech. I wonder if I can find it on the internet…hmm…9 pushups is great!! I remember when I couldn't even do one…heck, I haven't exercised in about 2 weeks, I probably can only do one now. *tear*

  2. I do still like the show though the marathon running thing I don't agree with. Tara Costa is just the best though. She is amazing.

  3. i love the biggest loser as well. I hate when i am not at home on a Tuesday night to watch it. I cannot wait to find out who wins. I think it will be one of the guys.and a marathon…..yesterday's episode was so good! i had tears in my eyes!!!

  4. Linz…I thought of you the whole time I watched the show. You TOO will complete the 26.2, and we'll be there at the finish line cheering you on!!!

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