Coldest Run Ever!

Well it is currently 29 degrees and brrrrrrrrrrrrr….. that is freaking cold!

The Will Run For Wine Running Group had a nice meeting tonight. We have been a bit sporadic the last few weeks due to the holiday. But I just couldn’t stand another night going by that I didn’t Pile On The Miles.

Since I am still newer to running, running in freezing cold, windy weather is VERY new to me. It would have been a lot easier to say heck with it. But this girl just doesn’t do that anymore! So what does one wear to run in the freezing cold?




Honestly, once we started moving I wasn’t so caught up with the freezing factor. Yes it was cold on my face, but having the gloves on my fingers was so key. I think this saved me.

I am highly considering running in The YMCA Christmas 10k on December 19th. Tonight’s run was a ‘test run’ if you will. I can only assume that in 3 weeks it will be colder and even snowy. Now snow running will be interesting!

We ran 3 miles in 32 minutes and I still had some life left in me even with the blistering cold. If my friend Hannah says she is in (which I’m pretty sure she is) I am going to do it. Cold & all! I have no idea though if my time will beat my previous PR of 61 minutes. But I will never know unless I try!

Shred Day #3:
Ugggghhh! My calves were killing! All the air jump roping and jumping jacks were doing me in. Who knew that those would be the thing to get me! But I have stuck it out now three days. I only have 27 more days to go! Wooooopppeeeeeeee!!!! I surely hope I can keep this enthusiasm up.


8 thoughts on “Coldest Run Ever!

  1. The Christmas 10k sounds fun! It'll probably be warmer at the start because of other runners' body heat. You might not even notice the cold that much. Great job on the below-freezing run and the Shred!

  2. You look nice & bundled! I am having a hard time adjusting to this wintery weather…Great job getting out there for a run!

  3. Hey! Our bloggy buddy Amanda teamed us up for the Bottie Challenge and I thought I would stop by and say hey!Just been glancing at a few of your posts and you are doing awesome! I am so excited for you and your committment to getting healthy. I started running over four years ago to get the weight off and haven't looked back! I lost 90 pounds and continue on this healthy living track. You are doing great! So cool you want to run Nike next year! I just did the half and you are gonna love it! Get ready for some big SF hills! I may have to do the full myself! :)Looks very cold in Boise, so I am very impressed on you getting out there- I was complaining it was 50 out last night!Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

  4. Booo cold weather…back in October, I went home to MI and it was about 39-40 degrees. I went for a 2 mile flat run and my chest and lungs hurt the rest of the day! It almost felt like I had asthma because my breathing was all weird…guess I didn't have enough layers for that one!

  5. you motivate me to run in the cold weather. i wish i could run 3 miles, i was almost there but then the winter came and slowed me down, but you changed my mind, i may get out there and try to run!

  6. Running in cold weather… good for you. I wish I was able to run 3 miles but I'm working on it. I'll get there. I enjoyed visiting your blog.

  7. Good luck on the 10K!! I'm going to attempt a 15K on the same day — it's not THAT much warmer here either… :-/Layers are key for cold weather running — just make sure the bottom layer is nice and moisture wicking!

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