Pear Compear

Today I was rocking the side 80’s pony tail. As a girl born in the 80’s it’s sort of a right of passage and today felt like the day to show it off to the world.

I started my day with another awesome session of Cardio Kickboxing. This class was a little rough today due to the fact that I rocked it last night. I had the day off today and wanted to take advantage of attending it as my schedule usually only allows me to go once a week. So back to back kickboxing made me a bit sore but it was such a great feeling.

Today was also a day in which I wanted to indulge in the PEAR COMPEAR challenge. Aneta at Confessions of a Rambunctious Runner and I have talked about reviewing fun & exotic fruits. Our lovely pick for this week was the Prickly Pear.

Now how to eat such silly looking fruit? It is actually fruit of a cactus which I did not know before this project. With the name like pear I had my suspicions on how I thought it would be.

First you cut each end off and then make a slice down the middle only piercing the skin of the fruit.

Then the skin peels off easily, like so.

A.Bomb (the brother) seems to be undecided. He was weirded out by the seeds. He said it had the consistency of a pear but seeds like a pomegranate. He said he would probably buy it again.

Dad on the other hand wasn’t impressed with this particular prickly pear. He has had it on a different occasion and explained that it didn’t seem ripe enough.

Hard to gage after his explanation. I found it to taste of watermelon, very watery. But not a whole lot of spunk. I thought the juicyness would hold a new and exciting taste but it was calm and unexciting. I did however like it better than the persimmon.

I was even more surprised to read Aneta’s comparison which was very similar! Let me know if you have had the Prickly Pear experience and feel free to compear the pear with us!


7 thoughts on “Pear Compear

  1. u liked it better than the persimmon, eh? u mentioned that yours wasn't ripe enough….i think mine was over-ripe, hence the bad watermelon taste.great post. i love the 'how to eat a prickly pear' bit!whats the next fruit?

  2. It looks intense to cut. I would not even know where to start! I am not a watermelon fan so I dont know that I would be a huge fan.

  3. Wow, that was HUGE! We were in Moab, UT, in October and while hiking we saw some Prickly Pears, but they were very, very small compared to those. Our organice ones, fresh from out in the mountains, were really ripe and sweet. Delicious!! Thanks for sharing info on how to cut them. I think I ate the whole thing! LOL!

  4. ick, was it sticky or anything? Very cool you're trying all these new fruits; I do that occasionally if I'm feeling exceptionally frisky that day lol.

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