Checking off the list…

Making a list
Checking it twice…

Okay not that kind of list.

But this kind of list.

A weekly workout goal list.

I have seen a lot of people posting their weekly goals and thought it would do me good to do the same. I have had alot of excitement toward setting my goals but I have not been very good about being specific. I am living in a big picture world right now. Doing workouts here and there and waiting for the results. I did not realize that I was kind of bouncing around, not being consistent and well possibly with no real direction. I now see how important setting daily & weekly goals are to being successful.

This week brings a lot of fun and exciting things and to start things off we will start with yesterdays goals.

6:00am Shred Level 2 (Check!)
7:30pm Zumba Class (Check!)

ZUMBA! Well awhile back I heard Kara talking about this Zumba class she took. Then I noticed that my gym was finally offering this class and I was EXCITED. It took me about 1 second to decide that I must join in the fun.

Zumba is a high intensity super fun salsa infused dance class. There are mamba’s, cha cha’s and meringue numbers. Each song has a different dance routine. They were mostly easy to follow. At times I felt like I was clubbing it up on a Saturday night! A few moves were a little embarrassing.. tee heee… And a whole lot of HIP SHAKING! Shakira is going to be my new best friend! By the end I was wiped out.

Zumba Video – Click here to check it out. This looked similar to my class but the music a bit different.

I forgot how much fun dancing is. I used to do it ALL the time. But this is a great mix of cardio and dancing!

I decided to put it into my list of workouts so that it had to be done! I know that by having my weekly goal list I will be a lot more focused and accomplish a lot more. By next week I hope to be a lot more specific in my individual goals. Such as run X miles at X speed… or something like that. I hate to be too specific, but know now that I am not being specific enough.

What works best for you? Do you like to wing it on the workouts or does a detailed plan work better? I’m trying to find tricks to be successful but not feel overwhelmed.


8 thoughts on “Checking off the list…

  1. Not that kind of list… ahahahahaha!Great idea writing it down. I tend to keep a workout goal list in my head, but that might be a better idea…

  2. great list!i find making a list and checking it twice, three times…..four times….helps me keep my goals for the week. or at least it helps me get closer to the goal. so good luck with ur list! i hope u get all ur goals accomplished!u have to let me know how zumba goes. i took it 2 or 3 times and loved it! absolutely, loved it. its so much fun!!!!

  3. oh my gosh girl, that list is intense. it makes me feel like I need to up my intensity haha How do you like Shred? I've seen a few other people that do it too. Plus I did Zumba once bc a teacher canceled class, and I loved it! I think I smile the whole time hah

  4. Great Zumba review! I've always wondered what goes on in there…I wing it unless I'm training for something that scares me, like a marathon, then I stray very little or not at all.I see a whole lotta shredding going on in your schedule!;)

  5. That's a SERIOUS list — wow! Unless I've got definitive workout plans with someone, I tend to wing my workouts. For me, it's all about just getting to the gym :)I'm glad you liked Zumba! I've got to try it with another instructor sometime — I hardly broke a sweat at my last class!

  6. holy list…that is great. I would probably be the only one in the world who could give themselves a concussion at Zumba. Klutz is my middle name.

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