A little over halfway!

Well I have definitely felt like this…..

And hope by the end of the 30 day shred to look like this!

Ha ha ha! I got this card in the mail from Gold’s Gym. I thought it was pretty clever to use a gingerbread cookie in conjunction with getting fit. But it really makes me want gingerbread cookies now!

So my 30 Day Shred Challenge has me at day #18 today. Which leaves me with 13 more shreds (including today). And level 3 starts next week – eeeeek!

My Shred results so far….

– My body feels tighter

– I fit perfectly into my size 12 jeans last night (haven’t been able to wear these for at least a year, and before I started this challenge was a sure size 14. (And this is the first time I have openly admitted my size for the whole world to know, kind of liberating…)

– My muscles are noticeably stronger when you touch them

– I cheated and stepped on the scale and am down 3 pounds since starting the shred! 🙂

– And I was finally able to do 10 regular non-girly push-ups without stopping. (This was a hard one for me! I liked to stop at 9 a lot).

This is my halfway check-in point and I am super stoked with these results thus far! I thought about saving my results for the very end but thought I was too proud of the progress I have made this far. I wanted to share the little victory as a way to keep myself on track.

Do you celebrate the little victory’s? If so, does the results good or bad motivate you to keep going stronger until the end?

(Sometimes if I see that I making good progress I am more lenient on myself and then end up losing momentum. But not this time!)


8 thoughts on “A little over halfway!

  1. Awesome job on the 30 day shred! I am not good at following a workout program besides a running plan – so kudo's to you for keeping it up!How's the running going – keep up the POTM and Bootie Buster girly! You're doing awesome!

  2. AWESOME job!! I'm the same way when it comes to victories; if I do well, I tend to relax and not work as hard…I want to be successful using the least amount of effort possible! ;)I think I'm going to start another Shred challenge (I tried once in October) in the new year — you've inspired me! I'm stuck between 12 and 14 myself right now, and have been all year. So frustrating!

  3. great job! its sooo good to see results! u r soooo close. just keep at it and u will do great!!!and i know what u mean about the push ups. they kill me. i used to be able to do like 2 or 3 tops and lately ive been doing about 10-15ish. good job and the weekend is almost here. yay!!!

  4. Nice work! I love the 30 day shred- it took me a little longer than 30 days though (maybe 35?) When I first started (this past spring) I couldn't even do one "real" pushup. After the shred I started the 100 pushups challenge and now I can do 5 sets totaling 70! I am all about rewarding the little victories- it gives me incentive to keep pushing forward!

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