Fruity Friday!

So Aneta & I are back with a brand new to us exotic fruit to taste and tempt your taste buds!

I love this project because so many times I have eyed some of these weird fruits and wondered what fruity powers they held. Now I have an excuse to buy them guilt free and taste away!

Today we present you with the Pummelo.

I have never even heard of this fruit and actually almost walked right by it thinking it was a cantalope or something. But oh no, this thing is far from a cantalope or even a melon. It is a part of the grapefruit family.

It clocks in at 1.5 pounds! I just read somewhere that it’s the world’s largest citrus fruit! The picture above is my rendition of a Pummelo medicine ball. Seriously, I could do some sweet ab workouts with this thing!

So to prepare this fruit for eating is similar to that of an orange. A very LARGE orange. I found a great You Tube video on how to peel a Pummelo. They advised piercing the skin of the fruit and making a circular slice around the fruit from top to bottom. Then peeling the outer skin in the same pattern.

Once you have taken off the outer skin you need to pull off the white inner skin. Just like an orange! Except, there is a lot more to it!

So what I liked about this fruit was that is slightly tangy like a grapefruit but without so much *PuCkeR* sour. It was as if a grapefruit & an orange had a giant baby! lol. Seriously though.

It was delicious and I will be eating if for DAYS because this colossal beast is just that big!

The downside is that there is a lot of preparation to eating this thing. The white skin protecting the yummy fruit is a pain to cut off and took a lot of time.

I give the Pummelo two thumbs up! And don’t forget to stop by Aneta’s blog to hear opinion of this freakishly huge fruit.

And please join in the fruity friday fun and let me know if you have ever tasted this fruit and what you thought about it.

Oh and can I just say that I watched the movie Julie & Julia last night, you know the one about Julia Childs? I had NO idea that Julie was a blogger and I was cracking up the whole time! I have only been blogging about 2 months and I could definitely identify with Julie. Doing these fun blog projects just makes me think of Julie’s 365 days and 500-something recipes she had to cook. Awesome!

Happy Friday Everyone!


7 thoughts on “Fruity Friday!

  1. That is one HUGE citrus fruit! I love the idea of trying out new ones – I walk past so many fruits & veggies not knowing what they are and not giving them a second thought. I loved the book Julie & Julia – can't wait to watch the movie!

  2. My roommate is Asian and we eat pummelo all the time! I only mention that she is Asian because I think she gets it at an Asian market lol. But we love them, we have some in the frigde right now! I like it because its a lot less messy than juicy grapefruits.

  3. great review. i will do mine in like an hour or 2. i totally missed Fruity Friday. i apologize.i have not been at home since thursday nite and just got back home and now i have the flu. but i ate my pummelo on thursday and will blog about it in a review is almost the exact. i like the fruit, a lot!

  4. I love these, Linz! I can live vicariously through you and get an education! I can't wait to see what you do next!

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