Goody Overload

So moment of truth here. Is anyone else really scared of all the temptations that will be dangling themselves in front of your face this week?

The mouthwatering trays of cookies, the delicious cheese plates, the cheesecake, the endless supply of wine and the appetizers galore. I must say if this week is anything like last week I am going to be in trouble.

Last week went like so…

Monday: Office Birthday Party

Wednesday: Office Baby Shower

Thursday: Office Christmas Party

Friday: Friend’s College Graduation Party

Saturday: Christmas Cocktail Party

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! I dunno if I can do this for two more weeks. Our backroom at work is stacked high with goody baskets. There is fudge, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered cherries, more cheese plate, fruit basket (saving grace), and this huge 10 gallon bucket filled to the brim with bags of chips, candy, beef jerky etc.

It’s as if these people think more than 9 people work in my office. But no, there are only 9 of us. For the record at least 3 people will be out of the office this week, leaving all this lovely goodness for 6 people.

And I guess I wouldn’t be so upset about the office goodies if all had gone the way it was supposed to last week. But by Friday night all logical and healthy thoughts and decisions had gone out the window. Just trust me when I say it was bad!

So I have to start this week as a clean slate and hope that I can make better decisions. Like way better.

I can do this.

I have a little mantra that I have written on a post-it note and put in every room of my house & at work.


I am going to stare at this little post-it every time I even have an inkling to head back to that break room. Because I am SO close to finishing the Shred next week with progress made. And so close to ending 2009 in a deficit!



4 thoughts on “Goody Overload

  1. What a tough week! I have a love/hate relationship with weeks like that. It is fun to be social but DAMN, all of that FOOD!Where I work now, we are not allowed to accept food gifts, so at least I have that going for me. Good luck this week! You will be excellent today!

  2. wow thats a lot of party!and a lot of goodies!be strong. but enjoy yourself. have a treat when you really want one, but just try not to overdo it!!

  3. Linz…thank goodness it is just once a year. Everyone is on food over dose, crazy sweetness everywhere you look, today a vendor brought in a 3 pound can of chocolates from around the fricken world. Like we need Italian or Belgium chocolate…American chocolate is bad enough! I'm backing away from the fudge…

  4. That sounds crazy — good luck staying on track! I like the idea of having a mantra to keep yourself focused; I'm just doing my best to survive ๐Ÿ™‚

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