Ready To Run!

Oh yeah!

Ready, ready, ready, ready…ready to run
(The Dixie Chicks said it best!)

I promised to give you a full report on some of the special running items I received from Santa. I definitely felt like a little kid this Christmas with all the fun stuff I received. I didn’t know that there were so many gadgets and gizmos out there for runners. So that made my Christmas list really easy this year. Anything that can help me run or help motivate will be awesome!

I am still building up my running clothes wardrobe. As I have not yet been running a full year, I still haven’t all the right warm and cold weather clothes yet. That is until I received this awesome Nike long sleeved moisture wicking shirt!

It is light-weight and great for layering. I found it very comfortable and no chaffing problems.

I was in need of all types of wicking shirts, so you can believe my surprise when I saw that I got a short sleeved pink one! I like to layer the long sleeved then put the short on top, usually covered by a wicking jacket for the cold weather runs. It’s great for keeping the core warm.

The biggest issue I have had since I began running was wear to put my keys and cell phone? I seriously do not feel safe running without a cell phone and have roughed it up until this point. That was until the SPIbelt came into my life.

Oh lovely SPIbelt, how I love thee. One word to describe the SPIbelt…AWESOME! It fit my cell phone, I.D & keys perfectly. The boyfriend tried to call it a fanny pack, like that was a derogatory thing. Oh well, it got the job done. It didn’t shift around while running. And honestly I never even noticed it was there. YAY!

And the biggie…the thing that I really really really wanted most. I am hugely motivated by numbers, times, distances, ANYTHING really. I recently lost my i-pod and nikePlus which gave me a pretty accurate reading of distance and times when I ran.

I found that the GARMIN Forerunner 405 also does this and much much more! It tracks my pace, distance, time running, heart rate and all through GPS.

Garmina,(I decided to name her this morning) is my new running bff. Her and I are going to rock it in 2010. We are going to run a lot, we are going to run fast, and we are going to run far. How far? Well 26.2 miles to be exact! She is going to motivate me through my marathon training this coming year.

I was so excited to try out all my stuff that I geared up for my first after Christmas run!

I am definitely sporting the layered shirts, the SPIbelt and Garmina! I have to admit I was a little scared at the high-techness of Garmina. I wasn’t sure if it would be easy to operate while running. It was so easy! The whole watch is touch sensative. And it shows your pace & distance on the screen as you run. This is a great tool for me as I am working on my speed per mile. I can also use it to track my distance when I start branching out on longer runs.

I ran a 2.5 mile run today. A lot shorter of a distance than normal but it was only 27 degrees and I have not ran in a week. I just wanted to give all the gear a little test run. I am so blessed to have received such useful and thoughtful gifts! I had a great runners christmas and am now seriously ready for any run!


6 thoughts on “Ready To Run!

  1. Awesome gifts! I love the pink tops! Especially that the Nike one has some reflective gear. Make sure you sync your 405 with garmin connect online! It is so fun to look at your stats and see the google maps of your run! 🙂

  2. omg! u got one, eh? niiiiice! i heard Garmins are amzing! good stuff.and nice running clothes. i am in serious need of new running clothes. i got a few gift certificates, so i will stock up. I really need a good sports bra. the ones that i have right now are shit. need new ones.well, congrats on ur running clothes. love the long sleeved shirt. it looks sooooo comfy!im so jealous that u can run outside. its absolutely freezing here. its -16 C and with the windchill it is -25 C. crazzzy cold.when are u doing ur marathon?

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