Happy Feet

So you may have noticed that my PILE ON THE MILES for the month of December was pretty much non-existent. This had A LOT to do with my foot scare from a few weeks ago. The one where I thought I had a broken bone or better yet that I might need surgery.

The doctor informed me that I had a bruised bone and a new pair of running shoes was in order. I opted to take it easy on the feet until I could follow doctors orders.

Well I seized the day on Saturday and did what any good girl would do. I broke down and bought myself a belated Christmas gift. That’s right, I finally bought some new running shoes.

These babies are Asics. I hate to admit it, but I was a little nervous to change shoes. I was previously wearing New Balance.

I did however, go to my favorite SHU Shop in Boise. It’s called Shu’s! They gave me the full foot analysis and watched the way I walked. I even got to jog around the outside of the store a few times trying different shoes. The Asics felt liked heaven.

You can tell that it was time for something new. And my feets were surely thanking me today after my glorious run yesterday.

The boyfriend and I went on another leisurely run together. This time for 3.25 miles. Sunday’s run was all about trying out the garmin and SPIbelt. Monday’s run was all about the Pink Runners! I have to say that my body was still feeling heavy from the Christmas Overload and I was not running my usual pace. I usually keep it in the low 10 min/ mile. But oh no, not yesterday.

My splits:

Mile 1: 10:29
Mile 2: 11:05
Mile 3: 11:06
.25: 3:17
Total: 35:59

All you runners out there, I need a little running shoe advice. I was originally told when buying my first pair of running shoes that it is a good idea to go up a half or full size when buying shoes to give your piggies some wiggly room. So I ended up with size 8 1/2 running shoes, (I normally wear 8’s). So the new shoes ended up being a size 8 running shoe when I got them home.

Is this normal? The Asics are a lot more fit to my foot, but I will have to invest in thinner running socks. The New Balances always seemed a bit big that I overcompensated with thick thick running socks.

Just curious what your rule of thumb is when buying new running shoes? I have 30 days to try out my new shoes and I can return them if I don’t like the way they feel. So far so good.

On that note, the Pile on the Miles numbers will be spiking as I am so overjoyed with all my new running digs! YAYAYYAYAYAYAYAY! That is my excited scream! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Happy Feet

  1. I heart new shoes! And you could tell if you looked into my running shoe box – I am rotating 5 pairs right now! Problem? Maybe…but I keep telling my hubbs at least it isn't crack! :)I always go a 1/2 size bigger. I normally wear a 7 to a 7 1/2 in reg shoes, but my running shoes I do an 8. When I started out running, I wore NB too. I have since switched to Nike's and love them. My NB all used to be 7's and 7 1/2's, now I wear Nike 8, and I probably should have been wearing NB 8's all along. With that being said, I DO NOT have the dreaded black toenails. I have NEVER had one and I think that is because I buy my shoes bigger. Once you start logging the longer distances your feet WILL swell and you will need the room that extra 1/2 – 1 size bigger does. I would exchange them for the 8 1/2's. Enjoy the new shoes and finish strong in Dec girly! 🙂

  2. Hey sweets! If you want shoe advice, my friend Brittany is really knowledgeable. She writes Living in the Moment and there's a link on my blog page.Those new shoes are sure purdy!!!

  3. nice kicks!!!i love buying new shoes. it feels like running on clouds!!!and yes, check out the lululemon website. its expensive. really expensive, but worth it!!!!papaya wednesday tomorrow?

  4. The new shoes are so pretty! I am happy they worked well on your first run. Ha. I think I will have a heavy run tonight ;)Since last winter, I have gone one full size up and it really helps (I wear Brooks Adrenaline). I used to always get blisters on the fronts of my toes, and now I don't 🙂 And I can wear thin or thick socks.

  5. YAY for new shoes! They're pretty, too! Not too sure about sizing… I generally go with +1/2 but I know every shoe is different. See how they feel after a few runs. If your toenails are tender to touch atfer your run, they may be a little too snug.

  6. Heyyyy Girl! Thanks for the congratulations and enthusiasm on my 13.1 announcement!!! It made me smile! I am excited that you will be doing a half near the time I will be because we TOTALLY can motivate one another! Have you decided on which half you are going to do? It is probably in one of your posts but I have been MIA for a couple weeks. I love the picture of your old running shoes next to the newbs! I was told as you were, to buy running shoes a half size bigger than your normal shoes. I would say if you run in thema couple times and your toesies start to feel tender they may be too snug if not I think your good to go!

  7. nice shoes! i just bought asics too before christmas. i really like that you can take them back. I have only bought shoes at modells or the nike store and they never give me any shoe advice. i just learned from your blog to buy them 1/2 size bigger

  8. I could have sworn I commented on this post a few days ago. Weird! Anyway, I wear a size 8.5 for shoes and always bought size nine for running sneakers. However, I was measured at a running store and they recommended a size 8. I purchased size 8s and I love them! I've been wearing them since September. Maybe it depends upon the brand?And yes, I am in fact marrying a military man- gotta love it! 🙂 Is your man stationed far away?

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