There are typically only a few days per winter season that I am NOT jealous of all you floridians basking in your 70 degree heat, while we are up here freezing our you-know-whats-off in the snowy, icy, freeeezzing weather. Yesterday was definitely one of those days.

With a new year upon us I am always looking for a fun and creative way to get in a little workout all the while enjoying the beautiful nature around me. AKA as embracing this gawdawful cold snowy weather.

So what a better way to burn a few post new years drinks and get the bootie moving then by SNOWSHOEING!

What I can tell you about snowshoeing is that it’s a full body workout. You are hiking through the snow but the added resistance of the snow really works your whole body. No kidding around – my butt, back, arms and calves are feeling the burn today. And while we were trekking along it definitely didn’t seem hard, but I was working up a sweat for sure!

We began our 2 hour and 2 mile snowshoeing adventure. I love the stop sign almost covered in snow!

Also, It’s very important to pack water with you when you are engaging in this type of activity. Working up a sweat makes you thirsty.

I was also really excited to try out my new camelbak!

This thing was a must have for this type of adventure. It was my first time using the camelbak and I absolutely loved it! It held about a liter of water and the pak was great for holding other things like snacks, keys or whatever. And it was convenient to be able to drink water hands free, since we had ski poles in our hands. I originally wanted the camelpak for my running which I am even more excited to be able to get my full usage out of it.

Note to self: Sometimes you just need to take a break to make snow angels. And that’s okay.

We stopped every now and then to take pictures. We found it a little difficult at times as there were no real good spots to set the camera for a timed picture. Everything was covered in snow! At one point we even went so far as to rig our own tripod with our ski poles.

The verdict….

Well we got 3 out of 4 in the shot – not too bad.

We had to keep going until we found the perfect place to stop for another family picture. Success!

Snowshoeing was great fun and we were able to find a local sporting good store that rented the snowshoes and poles for $10.00/person. That doesn’t seem to pricy for a day of burning calories in nature!

The key to great snowshoeing fun is to bundle up, bring lots of yummy-healthy snacks for after (you are starving when you are done), hot chocolate, and have good company. I had it all!

Oh yeah and make sure your brother dresses up like a rockstar. That helps in the fun! 🙂

Have you ever tried snowshoeing? And did you consider it a workout?


10 thoughts on “SNOW DAY!

  1. hey cool pix!i have never been snow shoeing, but it looks like so much fun!i see that you guys have been hit by all that snow and cold as well. Its ridiculous here in canada. soooo cold. -15 C (5 F) and -25 C (-13 F) and about 4 feet of snow. sooo cold. i stayed on the couch all weekend, in front of the fire with blankets.great shots with the camera!!! the pix looked good!any thoughts on our next fruit? im going to the grocery store tomorrow, ill check out what they have and let u know if i see something interesting!

  2. You get a really good workout when you fall into the snow and can't get up! Gut wrenching pulls ups using the poles to pull yourself out of a 3' snow bank. Good times…good times.

  3. What fun! I have really been wanting to try snowshoeing since we visited CO last year and didn't get too. There is a place near our house that is somewhat hilly and I would love to try it there. Or go back to CO. Ha ha. I love the pics!

  4. That looks really fun! And a great way to take advantage of this winter weather. I would definitely consider snowshoeing. I have a camelbak too and I love it! I have only used it for hiking but am looking forward to taking it with me when I go on longer runs in the upcoming months.

  5. This Floridian is so jealous of you!Because it's definitely not 70 degrees here. It's about 30 degrees, and I'm freezing my tuckus off at work! I'd much rather be in the snow!I definitely need to move further South or further North! This looks like too much fun, so if I'm going to be cold, I might as well enjoy it!

  6. I am a Southern Californian and I am way jealous! I have never seen that much snow in my life and I would love to try snow-shoeing! I bet it's a hard workout!

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