Shed it & Share it

Tuesdays have become my favorite day, because that means I get to watch The Biggest Loser!

I am happy to see that they are doing things to challenge America to lose weight all while giving back. I have been moved to pledge to the Pound for Pound Challenge.

I was happy to say I ended 2009 15 lbs lighter but had a bigger goal in mind. I am pledging to you that I will lose 25lbs in 2010. I think this is a reasonable goal and I know I have what it takes to do it.

I would also like to pledge that I will personally donate the amount of food in pounds that I lose, to my local foodbank. So I lose 25 lbs, I will donate 25 lbs of food to the Idaho Foodbank as my way of personally shedding this weight and giving it a purpose.

Let me know if you are interesting in joining me in this pledge! I think it would be inspiring to start our own pound for pound challenge. So Shed it & Share it!

The Biggest Loser has touched the hearts of millions. I have been a fan for about 4 seasons now. I realize the show has changed a bit over the past few seasons and has become a lot more dramatic and has pushed people to their breaking points. But I sort of wish I had this pressure on me to do the same. If I had Jillian hiked up on top of the treadmill staring down on me telling me to RUN FOR MY LIFE! I know I would get it done without question.

This show has also showed me that with a lot of hard work and determination your goals can be accomplished. I am not agreeing necessarily with all the methods of the Biggest Loser, I can’t imagine they are always healthy and proper. But the underlining message is that “You can do anything you put mind to”.

I would like to live my fitness life with intensity & purpose. I took last year to warm my body up to the idea of doing physical fitness. I don’t think I have really pushed myself to the limits in fear of hurting myself or burning out. But I have hit a point where it’s time. It’s time to kick it into full gear!

So thank you for following me as I make my way to becoming fit and into an official marathon runner. I will tell you now that I am going to run for my life! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Shed it & Share it

  1. What a great incentive…"The Pound for Pound Challenge." A race to feed the needy. I love that!! I'm in for the pound for pound shred!

  2. That's awesome that you will be helping those less fortunate while becoming more fit!I stopped watching BL last season bc I got so annoyed with crazy eyes lady. I will start watching it again this season!Good luck with your challenge! I'm looking forward to reading along as you become a marathoner!

  3. i missed the premiere yesterday :(i need to catch up before next week. great challenge. good luck!!!! u r very inspirational.and wouldnt we all want jillian standing by our treadmill, yelling at us??

  4. I have GOT TO SEE this show! Wah! I've never seen it. It sounds really inspiring.I think that is a wonderful challenge you have set up for yourself! 🙂

  5. I love this — I'm so in!! :)Also, any idea how to post a comment with my new blog URL? I think I can only sign in with WordPress…

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