A Step Toward Resolution

My process of translating New Year’s Resolutions into goals is becoming harder than you would think. I wanted to put thought, planning and heart into each one. Every day that has passed since January 1st has given me more to think about when crafting each goal and some anxiety since well New Year’s Resolutions usually happen on the first day of the year.

I was inspired by Tricia’s posting of her amazing transformation and took to heart that attitude & determination is everything. She decided one day last year (it was the 5th of January to be exact) that she was ready to live her life differently and she did just that. Her story got me to thinking that any day is as good as ever to change your life. So I didn’t feel so bad that my resolution/goals had not been announced to the world yet.

I also attended a Franklin Covey seminar earlier this week about organization and goal planning which also bombarded my brain with great ideas. A tip that stuck out in my mind was “Do not set goals based on a feeling when you make that goal”.

There are just going to be days when you do not feel like doing whatever it is you declared you were going to do. And you have to realize that the excitment & newness feeling will wear off eventually.

But if you have set the right intentions, identified your values, made a game plan and are commited, you will succeed. You must realize that you are not always going to feel that runner’s high like the day you did when you decided you were going to make the goal to run a marathon.

So don’t make the goal because you feel amazing after a run. Make the goal because you value your health and body and would like to push your limits farther than they have been pushed.

How to achieve your New Year Resolution/Goal:

1. Start today. (the waiting period just gives you more time to stew over it. It’s like a bandaid, just rip it off already!) What are you waiting for?

2. Do it everyday. (Consistency is the key. Commit to daily actions that will further you toward your goal)

3. Finish it. (Easy enough?)

Now intermingled in this 1,2,3 is setting yourself up to succeed. Making a goal is all fine and dandy until someone gets hurts. So you need to take your goal to the next level of a weekly and daily plan. It seems like a lot of work, but this plan of attack is imperative for you to reach your destination.

Taking a day each week to plan a full week’s workouts takes the thought out of it. If it’s part of the plan for the day then you won’t stress or tempt yourself into straying away. This can also go with planning a food menu for the week.

Stay tuned, I am going to reveal my goals/resolutions tomorrow! I am excited to have taken so much time to work them into real attainable goals.


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