My ten for 2010

Okay so who said my new year’s resolutions/goals had to be declared by 01.01.10?

I mean really?

I think any day is as good as ever to decide to make a change. And as I mentioned yesterday, today is that day. HOOORAY! πŸ™‚

Once I reveal my Goalutions (lol, I mixed resolution and goals teeehehehe), it’s official. No more bitching. No more whining. No more excuses. Game on!

And to preface my Goalutions I would like present my mantra for the year. I am sooooo a mantra person.

I dubbed “2000 – Great” for 2008

I dubbed “Time to shine in 2009”

And now “Doing it Again in 2010” (This refers to having an amazing and productive year such as that of my 2009)

I now present you with My Top 10 for 2010.

1. Choose to live an active lifestyle and do it with purpose & intensity

Mini-goal: Run alot. Complete a half-marathon, Relay Race & Marathon. Participate in kickboxing, yoga, spinning and body pump classes each week. Ride bike to work more often. Lose 25 lbs.

2. Eat with intention and for health

Mini-goal: Eat & drink in moderation. Choose healthful things to put in my body. Continue to cook new and interesting meals. Drink tons of water.

3. Continue to feed my mind

Mini-goal: Read 1 book per month. Continue to learn about things that interest me, running, being healthy, cookbooks…etc

4. Cultivate my Culture

Mini-goal: Practice Italian language. Read books, watch movies and cook unique dishes. Learn more about my heritage.

5. Find a financial balance in my life

Mini-goal: Conscious saving. Budget. Live within means.

6. Act with my heart

Mini-goal: Continue to take opportunities to give back and think bigger. Community Service projects monthly. Inspire others.

7. Embrace my Spirituality

Mini-goal: Delve deeper into my spiritual faith. Continue to learn and be open-minded. Practice meditation.

8. Connect within my relationships

Mini-goal: Plan meaningful gatherings and be present when I am there. Take time for life. Write more cards & make more personal phone calls.

9. Mindfully express myself

Mini-goal: Blog with purpose. Inspire through my words & experiences. Create art.

10. Be Happy with Me.

Mini-goal:Celebrate my victories. Take time for myself. Don’t be so hard on myself. Do things that make me “The Linz”.

I am committed to these things and I am joyed to take charge of my life. I am ready to do things differently and with passion. I have no doubt that 2010 will be the year that I find my inner Linz. And I am so happy that you will be there for me to share it with you! πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “My ten for 2010

  1. These are great goals, Linz — you can tell you spent time really refining them and making them achievable and measurable. Love it!! πŸ˜€

  2. Goalutions? Love it!I love your list. It's so sensible, yet gives you something to work toward. I like "eat for health." Not "eat to be skinny"! You know? There's a difference :)Do you speak a bit of italiano? I wish I would have picked up more when I lived in Rome.And #8. Yes. Oh yes πŸ™‚

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