Weighing the Costs

Who knew that the sport of running would be such a costly hobby?


I thought by picking running out of the many other hobbies my wallet would be safe. I mean really – when running what else do you need besides a pair of running shoes?

The shoes are the most important part, I agree. They are the soul of your sole.

I just realized though that my new “investment” aka my pink runners are not going to do it for it me. I mean, they will get me through a good chunk of pre-marathon training, but they will only be pair 1 of shoes that get me through 2010.

I am sure atleast 1-2 more pairs will purchased between now and October 17th, 2010. And that is not all. There is the changing seasons to account for. The new running shorts, wicking tanks, wicking shirts, running skirt (must have), running socks, sports bras, the glide, the gu AND the race entry fees (to name a few)!

Do I sound like I am whining? Maybe a little. I guess I just thought I was buying a pair of shoes. I thought I might run in one little 5k race because well who buys a $100 pair of shoes and doesn’t show them off? Duh! So naturally I had to sign up for that race.

I didn’t head the warnings. People said I would get addicted after the first race. The rush of hundreds of people swarming past you. The sounds of feet patting the pavement. The smell of sweat and determination in the air. And let’s not forget the feeling of accomplishment and excitement when you cross that finish line. Whether it be the first time or the 49th time, it’s a damn amazing feeling.

I actually started this running adventure as a way to lose a few pounds. I thought what the heck, running seems like a great form of cardio and it’s a great excuse to get outside once in awhile.

It’s been about 9 months since I first slipped on my old New Balance running shoes. I don’t miss the shin splints, the chaffing ( I hadn’t received the memo of cotton being the devil yet), and the feeling that my chest was going to expode out of my body.

But I am loving the feeling of freedom as I run through the greenbelt. I am loving the comraderie that was formed with The Will Run For Wine running group. I am amazed everyday at how I am able to push my body in new ways. And I am thankful for the support of people in my life.

Running may be slowly draining whatever life savings I might have had, but in the long run (pun intended) I know it’s the way to go! My body, mind and spirit seem happier after each and every run. So I have to conclude that for me running makes sense. If only I could find a way for it to make cents, I’m sure my mindbodyspirit would be even more delighted.

Happy Running!


9 thoughts on “Weighing the Costs

  1. hey hey!omg our marathons are on the same day! hahhaha. that is cool! have u signed up yet? are you doing any other races this spring, summer or fall? i am still working on my race calendar, but i am doing 2 races in the spring, 2 in the summer and 2 in the fall! yay!!!and yes, a running skirt is a must. i have never worn one. when i started running, i didnt know about all this cool running gear. I would just put on an old pair of shorts, and old tank top or tshirt and go. and then i discovered wicking shirts and all the fun stuff that goes with running!My running clothes are so boring! i need new clothes. hahhaha. and yes, a running skirt is a must this season.have u looked at the website: http://www.runningskirts.com/they have some cute running skirts!

  2. I know just how you feel! I bought new shoes, signed up for one half marathon and now I can't stop thinking of all the running clothes I want and the other races to sign up for! CRAZINESS

  3. I agree – with both parts. All of the race fees, shoes, gear, etc. add up so quickly, but the benefits of running outweigh the costs.I have a skirt from runningskirts.com. The skirts are expensive, but they have some pretty good sale models. (Of course, I really want one of the new, full price ones.) I love my skirt! It's really comfortable and I think it's fun to wear.Love the pink shoes!

  4. Running is expensive! My hubbs jokes all the time he thought I was signing up for a cheap sport, too! I hate to admit it, but I have five pairs I am using right now…all for differnt types of runs and needs. Oh, and the race fees, don't get me started. I just look at it this way…therapy is way more expensive!

  5. Love the shoes! I need to invest in a good pair. I guess it is pretty costly. Since i started back in the fall, i havent had to buy too much stuff. I imagine i will this summer. I cant wait to run in the warm weather! Even though its costly, it is so worth it and your body will thank you!

  6. Ugh, I am OBSESSED with buying new running gear! I just got a new rain-proof outfit for the bootcamp tomorrow…I'll have to post a pic! I still have a garmin on the list and some shorts or a skirt. My problem with the shorts/skirt is that they "ride" up when I run and I am constantly fixing them…any suggestions on brands that you like?

  7. I rarely feel bad spending money on running! It's rewarding in so many ways – mental and physical health, it helps you meet new friends, etc. I just used some Christmas money to sign up for our next half marathon today! :)I do sometimes wish races weren't as expensive!

  8. LINZI! Look at all your comments! Girl, you rock! I'm so proud of you for so many reasons. Can't wait to see you on the Greenbelt again!

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