Success = Pumpkinchip Pancakes

Do you set yourself up to succeed?

If you haven’t noticed I love to make goals. And I love to achieve them. But what I have found to be the best method to success is that you still must put a lot of effort in before you even start.

Yes, this may mean to simply pull out my workout clothes from the dryer and set them neatly in a pile ready for me to grab in the morning.

It means to dig through my closet to find my designated spinning shoes ahead of time.

And this refers to the lovely task of finding two matching athletic socks and putting them in range of the shoes.

Now this doesn’t seem like such a chore to most people, but at 5:00 am in the morning it makes all the difference in the world. I am not usually a happy camper until the spinning class is over. But then I’m high on life!

So this morning was a test. A test of my strength and will. I set myself up to succeed. I laid out my clothes the night before. I set my alarm clock for the earth shattering time of 4:50 am and went to bed before the strike of 10:00 pm, all in efforts to get in a 50 minute morning spin class.

Well let me just assure you that it worked wonderfully! I was excited when I woke up and it was easy for me to get ready and make it my spin class early. I am so glad I was so prepared because when I got there I only saw 2 available seats left. And class didn’t start for 10 more minutes. These spinners are hardcore!

I was excited to see a familiar face upon my arrival to spin class, Paige from The STP Experiment. She is the person who first got me started on running and spinning! She is currently training for her own adventure of riding 206 miles on bike from Seattle To Portland in 6 months. Now that is intense!

Well the class kicked my butt. I was sweating up a storm in a matter of minutes. But I remember how good I felt last year when I regularly attended these early morning spinning classes. I have noticed that is really helps my endurance when running. I was also especially excitable when the spin instructor said to stand up on our bikes and run. I did envision myself running with purpose and intensity, though I was still on a bike. It rocked!

Being done with my workout and showered before 7:00 am gave me lots of extra time to do things I wouldn’t normally do on a work day. I had time to eat a real breakfast.

I was craving pumpkin & chocolate so that’s what I had. I had a little pumpkin left over and threw in a handful of carob (which tastes similar to chocolate and seems more healthy to me). But it hit the spot nonetheless!

And let me just preface my breakfast by saying I have actually never, by myself, made pancakes. I usually pawn this job off to the boyfriend, because he is SO good at it. But today it was just me, all by myself.

So the first batch was a little over done. Oops!

Second batch, a little battery in the middle. Double oops!

But all in all I could taste the sweet pumpkiny-chocolaty taste of success in my mouth. I accomplished more this morning (and feel amazing) than I do in most days. I found that taking the extra time to set myself up to succeed really made all the difference in the world.

What are tips you do to set yourself up for achieving your goals?


13 thoughts on “Success = Pumpkinchip Pancakes

  1. Awesome job on getting up and getting out there! It does feel so good when we accomplish what we set out to do – no matter how small the task 🙂 Your pancakes look tasty! Happy Wednesday!

  2. yummy pancakes!!! i want some! hahhaha. the last few days all ive had to eat is cereal, chicken broth, grapefruits and lots of liquids (the antibiotics are making me sooo thirsty)and congrats on the morning spin class. i am so jealous. i am typically a morning person, but for some reason, since the winter came, i cant get out of bed. ugh!!!so proud of u!!!!!!im back to working out hopefully tomoro!!!have a great Wednesday!

  3. Being prepared for an early morning workout is KEY! Good for you doing what you needed to do to get it done.Mmmm, pancakes!!!

  4. Yumm! Those look good! I must applaud you for going to spin that early!! i have always wanted to but never did. I try to make it to the 6:00 spin class on Friday's because i love the instructor but Friday is a tough day to work out. Plus, if i get up that early to spin and the instructor sucks, or the music is bad, it will ruin it for me. haha!

  5. Great job…I feel so much better when I have my workout done first thing! I also feel like it is easier to get out of bed when I have a class to go to…because you have to get there on time…it is a bit harder when doing my own thing;) I have been eyeing a 6 am spin at the gym down the street…I may have to sign up for a membership once boot camp is over!

  6. Great job getting up for spinning! I set my clothes out in advance too so I can just grab them in the morning. That is a great tip. Hmm, other tips… I have to make sure I have proper food with me for after I work out so I don't crash!

  7. I love morning workouts! It's so nice just to be done and have the day ahead! And pancakes like that are a great reward,too!

  8. I set my cloths the night before as well otherwise half sleep I would never be able to dress myself. I also put my work cloths and gym bag in the car the night before.. .I Have gone to the gym in the past… showered and realized i didn't bring work cloths with me.. ooops..What time do you have to be at work that you get to have bfast at home at 7?

  9. Those pancakes look amazing! I never make pancakes because they always turn out weird but waffles, I can handle! I need to work on laying out workout clothes AND work clothes. That would help me out so much.

  10. Linzi, I am SO PROUD of you! You're so motivated and doing such a great job at reaching your fitness goals but also at blogging! Look at all your followers! You'll be passing me up in no time!

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