My Purple Monster

Well this morning was definitely not as productive as yesterday, that’s for sure! However, I still managed to find a wee bit of time this morning to try out one of my christmas presents that I have been dying to use. (A big thanks goes out to my mom & dad!)

I present to you the Smoothie Blast!

I was complaining that my blender was acting up and probably going to die on me any day. I don’t know what I would do if that happened because I pretty much start everyday with the infamous green monster smoothie.

So my parent’s take good hints and got me this awesome smoothie blender. Well this morning I decided to try something new in my new blender. It’s not too far from my usual, but when I looked at the fruits I had to work with I thought what a better way to break in the smoothie blast then by switching it up a bit.

Well the base is always good ole spinach. A few handfuls does a body good!

This little guy was looking like he needed some smoothie love today.

To change it up I added about 1/3 cup of frozen blueberries. This was new and exciting for me.

A handful of fresh blackberries for good measure.

Oh and an unpictured scoop of protein powder for added ooomph!

Then blend away! The best part about the Smoothie Blast is the stir stick thing in the middle. It helped alot to push all the spinach down. With my old blender it was not such an easy process to do this and I usually ended up making a huge mess!

Check it out, it even has a convenient pour spout!

And look, no hands!

And then the purple monster was born.

My Purple Monster!

Okay the straw didn’t work so well in the wine glass. I like to drink out of classy glasses sometimes because it makes me happy. Funny huh? I sometimes think it’s the little things that can bring so much joy.

P.S The Purple monster was berry-licious! It’s a keeper of a recipe.

What is your favorite fun smoothie concoction? (I am usually a peanut butter & banana girl).


7 thoughts on “My Purple Monster

  1. Oooh, spinach, banana, vanilla protien, ground flax, milk and frozen pineapple…yum! I've tried different frozen fruits and my favorites are pineapple, mango, and papaya!

  2. Cool blender!! I'd love to have one with a plunger to make mixing easier; usually I just put the spinach at the bottom, then cover with the juice/water and fruit.My two faves in smoothies are frozen strawberries and raspberries!

  3. Linzers, what protein powder do you recommend?That purple smoothie looks sooooo good! Now I TOTALLY want that awesome blender!

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