Fruity Friday: The Hawaiian Inspired Edition

You probably eat it all the time, but did you ever wonder what it tastes like straight from the nut? Well I am here to tell you how it is!

Meet Coco, The Coconut!

But before I go into depth on the fruit of the week I have tell you what inspired me to buy Coco in it’s full form.

J. Alabama (the bf) and I decided to branch out of our normal routine and try this Hawaiian Restaurant called Ono Hawaiian Cafe.

We decided to start our dinner off with an appetizer. When I looked at the menu I saw that they referred to it as PUPUS. Teeheehee…this made me laugh.

Our Pupu of choice was the coconut shrimp. (This may have been the start to coconut adventure.)

After we indulged in the delicious coconut shrimp it was time for my main entree. I settled on the Moanalua.

(the flower was my favorite part, oh yeah besides all the yummy stuff!)

Moanalua: Chicken Katsu Curry marinated chicken breaded in panko fried til crisp served with coconut curry sauce. I can’t forget to mention the side of coconut infused rice!

Okay, so it probably doesn’t sound all that healthy but the meal was amazing. I am a huge fan of curry too, so this was a perfect combo for my taste buds. It was also alot of food. It took at least two meals for me to finish it off.

So needless to say, after this coconutty experience I decided that I had to have one all of my own. And I was really interested in experience the task of opening one.

So folks, I welcome you to the Coconut Experience.

To open Coco you need tools. Seriously? It’s a fruit right? Or is a nut? Heck I don’t know and quite frankly I don’t really care. I just want to get this thing open!

Get your pliers, hammers, nails, drills… whatever you think you will need ready. It’s gonna be a chore!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention they now sell the “easy to open” coconuts!

First step: You must really nicely convince your boyfriend that he has now been dubbed ‘opener of thy nut’ as you act as the assistant taking lots of pictures and maybe handing him a tool or two if he needs them.

The goal is to puncture Coco in three spots. We used a hammer and nail. It’s very important that you see Coco’s face. (Do you see it? Eyes, nose, mouth?)

By hammering in nail holes you are relieving some of the pressure. After that J. Alabama actually had to take the thing outside. Because pounding really hard on my counters with a hammer and coconut probably sounded really horrible to my neighbors. Once outside he cracked that baby open. I was squealing with delight.. ooohh coconut milk. Yeah! Like real coconut milk from a real coconut!

This is what he brought in with him.

An empty nut. 😦

I got ripped off. My coconut was milk less. There was not a drop in there.

After I pouted for about 30 seconds I grabbed a knife and helped deshell Coco. We were now down to the fresh coconut meat.

I put a small piece into my mouth to savor the experience. What I tasted was coconut.

I mean what did you expect me say? It wasn’t juicy, it wasn’t sweet.

It was just coconut.

But it was kind of disappointing. Maybe because my coconut was milk less it was dryer than usual? But I didn’t even think Coco tasted as good as it does out of the bag from the store. (that is the saddest part I think).

Well I was definitely determined to put Coco to good use. So I had a plan.

Coco meet cheese grater. Cheese grater meet Coco.

I will just make my own coconut flakes. Because quite honestly I did not know what else I was going to do with a bunch of dry pieces of coconut. You will have stayed tuned to see how I creatively use my very own coconut. YAY!

In case you really wondered, this source refers to Coco as a fruit. But there are many debates on whether it actually is a fruit, nut, or seed. Interesting huh?

And don’t forget to stop by Aneta’s Blog to check our her take on the Coconut!


7 thoughts on “Fruity Friday: The Hawaiian Inspired Edition

  1. This is something I never would have thought to try… you are adventurous! Too bad it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, though.

  2. My husband grew up on an island and knows how to quickly crack them. And thank God, because I actually like them straight up like that. Weird, I know.

  3. Is that a blender full of margarita I see in the background;)That meal looks delish! We have date night tonight at a cute Italian spot…and I am super excited for some Italian reds and homemade pasta…I probably won't hold back on my ordering!

  4. Go coco! What a chore to open that baby up!! Your dinner looked great too! I've only been there for lunch; will have to check it out!

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