Back in Action

I apologize for the MIA-ness over the last few days as I have been “under construction”. I am happy to say that I am back and ready to run and tell! 🙂 Thanks all for following me over to word press. Also I appreciate your patience as I am still learning how it all works!  

In running news…  

So I have been falling back into my comfort zone the past few weeks and have resorted to a lot of loner treadmill running. I know it’s good for keeping my legs active and for getting the miles in, but it just doesn’t seem to reduce the urge to run freely outside.  

So I was relieved & excited when Bethany asked the WRFW  group together for a sunday run-day.  

We were excited to have a few new faces join up with the running group. And YAY for Dustin, our only Man runner today. 🙂   

Will Run For Wine Running Group

Today’s run was a nice and steady 4 miles. It was also especially nice to see that the weather was on our side. Another beautiful sunday. 

The highlight of my run is the fact that my BFF Maria joined up with the group for the very first time.   


Maria is going to run The Nike Marathon with me in October!! I am so excited to embark on this journey with one of my best friends. I think it makes the adventure even more special for me. 

A neat factoid about Maria is that she ran in the San Diego Rock n’Roll marathon back in 2003. So she knows what she is doing. 🙂 

You will definitely be seeing more of this fabulous duo as we plan out our 2010 races leading up to the biggie Marathon in October. 

 Thanks again for following me over to the new & improved, Destination 26.2!  

Happy Running! 




3 thoughts on “Back in Action

  1. Hello and Happy Monday!
    looks like u r wayyy ahead of me with running! i hate living in canada with an awful winter where i cant run outside. Granted it has been warm these days, its also rainy. yuck!
    ur blog is looking good and sounds like u had a good run on sunday!

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