Embracing the Beasts


I am excited to report that I made a new investment in footwear.

Okay you’ve already seen the infamous Pink Asics! 

And you are probably wondering what is my obsession with feet anyway?

Well, to be honest I have always hated my feet. I am 5 foot 1 and wear a size 8 shoe. People sometimes freak a little when I tell them that. My feet seem freakishly big when compared to my height, but I am learning to make due with them.

When I was younger I liked to blame my bad coordination when playing sports on being short and having too big of feet. (You know I would trip over my own feet). Sometimes I wonder though,  if I just wasn’t doing the right sport.

So far on my running adventures my big feet have been pretty awesome. So I am turning a new leaf and embracing these beasts. As they are going to take me through an eventful journey this summer. These freakish beasts are mine. And I have to love them so they will show me the love as I run 26.2 miles!

Ahh.. now onto the real shoe investment!

Sparkly, girly, pretty HEELS!

Yep, this girl has a special night ahead of her. Any guesses on where my feet will be taking me?

 There will be dancing involved. There will be good food too. And last but not least… J. Alabama (the boyfriend)! Sounds like a perfect combo to me. 🙂

Okay, I am sure the suspense is killing you.  It’s been killing me not mentioning it until now, merely a week away from the fun!

J. Alabama lovingly asked me to be his date for his Military Ball. A ball! People, I am going to a b a l l !!!!  (Every pretty girl deserves to go to a ball ~ Yes Man)

So with that said,  new shoes and a dress were definitely needed! And let me just mention that this is my very first military ball! Can you tell that I am super oober excited?!

I am desperately hoping those ZUMBA classes come in handy. LOL! Okay, probably not for this event. But if for some reason they do, I will definitely give a full report.

I hate to admit it, but I was actually excited to buy non-running stuff for a change. (Okay, that’s sort of a lie.) I find that I am far more comfortable and excited to be looking at spandexy, wicking, neon colored things than fancy, smancy, hip clinging dressy mesh.

What’s funny to me is that running clothes can be far more form fitting, yet I feel better even on a bad day because the sweat smeared on my face let’s people know that I am actually doing something about these hips. But for this occasion, I knew that getting all girlied up was a special event and I was stoked.

It was tough though when the dress section of Macy’s merged into the workout clothing area and I realized that I had spent 20 minute perusing through clearance racks before I even made the effort to try on one fancy dress. Oh well, can’t take a runner anywhere. She will find the running gear!

For the record, I did not buy anything running related.  But I am so in love with the new sparkly shoes that I am tempted to wear them just about anywhere.

(Okay, thoughts of Romy & Michele’s Highschool Reunion just popped into my head. The scene where they are walking on the treadmill in high heels all decked out. LOL). I would never do that. Okay, maybe if you paid me. 🙂


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