Amp it Up!


I have been in a routine of hitting up the gym on friday’s after work. Not a bad routine I must say, as the gym is pretty baren on a friday night. I get to have my pick of the treadmills.  🙂

Well last friday I decided that I wanted to find my groove again. It’s been pretty hit or miss lately on how I feel when I get going. I am running a slower pace than normal, which makes my runs D R A G .

So I just started messing around with the speeds. I realized the only way I was going to go faster was to just pump up the speed.


I started off at a leisurely 5.0 for a few minutes then gradually increased to around a 5.6. I kept the speed here until I reached 1.25 miles. I seriously have a mental block until I can see that I have surpassed 1 mile.

So after that milestone, I started hiking up the speed every few minutes or so. I did this until I was up to a speed of 7, which calculates an 8:30 minute/mile pace! I kept it here for a few minutes before I had to slow it back down. But after that I was so amazed with myself. I didn’t know it was even possible for me to run faster than a 6 on the mill.

I was even more excited to see that I finished 3 miles in 31:45. Roughly the same time as the last time I felt my groove on the mill. (But then I was going about 10:00 minute miles). I felt HIGH on life after this run though. My blood was pumping, my heart was racing. Yeah! I felt like I broke some kind of personal speed record or something.

What was even more mind boggling to me was that the next day I was expecting the wrath of the speed racing to come crashing down on me. It usually does when I try something new and spunky to my body. But to my amazement there was no pain. Not a bit.

What does this mean?

I am sore after a 3 mile run in the park. Heck, I am sore after a 3 mile run on the mill. But this time I amped it up and I am not sore???

Boyfriend tells me that my body must be in it’s natural zone at that speed. Meaning it’s happy running 8:30 minute miles. And probably that is my natural pace.


All that really matters is that I accomplished something I didn’t think was possible. I pushed my body to a new limit. And succeeded. (Don’t get any crazy ideas that I am going to go out there and break any records. But I did realize that I have it in me to push a little harder and faster).

If my body wants to be happy running that pace for many many many in a row I would be more than happy. I will let you know if I get to that point!


I want to hear from you. What’s your running success moment?


7 thoughts on “Amp it Up!

  1. thats awesome!!!
    if i go higher than 7, i totally lose my footing and fall all over the place. i have actually fallen off the treadmill one or 2 times. hahhaha. its really funny!!

    so thats good that you have been pushing. i have been on the treadmill a few times in the past week or so and just cant run more than 3.5 miles. it sucks. but i just cannot do it!
    oh well. hopefully the weather will be nice in a month (or 2 or 3) and i can get outside.

    im off to grab the star fruit now! hehehhe.
    enjoy ur thursday!

  2. Good for you busting it out on the treadmill! I’ve heard that you use different muscles when running slower VS faster, so maybe that’s why you weren’t sore? Either way, AWESOME!

  3. That’s fantastic! I have a couch to 5k training day planned for tomorrow and I can’t wait to see how it goes. I am aiming to finish a 5k in less than 35 minutes. (I can only run a 13 minute mile right now, I’m pretty slow!) so I’ll try bumping up the speed!

    • Good for you Amanda! You are going to do great. And I think even just amping it up for a minute or so gets your mind over that hump that you can’t do it. That was HUGE for me. I am excited to hear how it goes.

  4. I bet your body just loved the intervals and new challenge! You should keep it up!

    My running success moment is really any pain-free run! They are all successes to me!

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