Fruity Friday: The Super STAR Edition


Before I delve right into today’s fruity friday, I just wanted to let you know of a few things that are going on over here at Destination 26.2.

Next week I am going to be a little MIA from the blog world. GASP!  I know, it’s sad but sometimes the J-O-B has to come first. So I physically won’t be commenting or writing next week (I will be reading your blogs though)  but I have set-up 5 days of awesome guest blogging action!

This is my first time having guest bloggers over here,  which I am really excited about. So please show them the love!


Now on to the FRUITY FRIDAY: The Super Star Edition

Today’s star was none other than the STAR FRUIT!

Before I tried the star fruit I was little skeptical.  I have heard some not so good things about this fruit. I have heard that it’s all show. Well I pushed those thoughts out of my mind and wanted to give the star fruit a fair chance.



I cut up this little guy into little star pieces. This is my favorite part so far! I just think it’s so cute. Can fruit be cute?


So now we have a plate of really cute fun fruit work with. Already I am giving it awesome points for presentation. It’s my favorite to look at thus far. I’m so easily amused!

Now for the moment of truth. Can the Star Fruit compare to some of my all time favorites like the banana or the blueberry?


Hmm… I am chewing. I am thinking. I am chewing and thinking…..

Okay, I decided that I actually liked this fruit! First I smelled it. It smells almost like an apple. Then I tasted it. It was crunchy but watery and juicy. But it has flavor! It tasted kind of like a sour apple but with a little more pundgentyness. It was definitely different. Most reviews I have heard is that the star fruit didn’t have much flavor. Well it does have flavor, it’s just hard to pin down. Like I said, I thought it was similar to an apple but not quite.

The best part about the star fruit is that it can jazz up anything. I wasn’t sure what to do with it so I through it into my morning yogurt breakfast for a fun way to start the day.


So the star fruit is a winner in my book! YAY! This is a first good fruit review in awhile. 

If you have missed out on my previous fruity reviews you can check them out here:

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Also, be sure to stop on over to check Aneta at Confessions of a Rambunctious Runner to hear her take on this super star fruit. She always have a funny take on these crazy fruits!

Well, I will resume back to my normal blogging schedule in a week, but until then enjoy the guest bloggers I have next week. A few of them are blogs you already know and love and a few are special people from my life that had a few things to say.



7 thoughts on “Fruity Friday: The Super STAR Edition

  1. Hellooo! I mainly use blogspot, but I also have a wordpress and am very confused how to follow you now that you switched haha. I saw I can change my RSS feed and google reader and all that ish, but im not exactly sure how / where to find such things…. Thanks!

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