Guest Post – Monday


Welcome to Destination 26.2’s week of guest blogging.

Today’s guest blogger is a very special person in my life. She is none other than Destination 26.2 MOM! I am excited to have here as my very first guest blogger! 

Hello, my name is Pamela and I am Linzi’s mom. I was honored to be asked to be a guest Blogger on her wonderful Destination 26.2 blog site.

She thinks I’m going to write about meditation, Buddhism, yoga, or something like being vegetarian, but instead I’m going to do a little show and tell on the history of Linzi. She is amazing, as you all know, and I am so proud to be her Mom!

Linzi has always been blazing new frontiers, as shown here at age 3. “Hello Pardner. Don’t mess with with my horse!”

Ever since she was little (Girl Scout’s honor), she was self-driven, honest, and sweet.

She was always so determined, tried everything, never gave up, and was not afraid of ‘nuttin!


Linzi loves to ice skate and swim and she tried every sports activity available.




She was in T-Ball, ran track, and was on the basketball team in Jr. High (for Pete’s sake she was only 4’8”). She fell during a game once, but wouldn’t stop playing. Her ankle ended up being broken! I’m sure she beeps when she goes through airports due to the huge screw in her ankle, but that didn’t stop her love for sports.

She played volleyball and softball in high school. And even joined a city softball league with some friends in college.

She took on the roll of catcher. Again, never one to give up anything, she caught a ball, and it smacked her finger and blood splattered everywhere. Did she stop playing? No, not the Linz. She got the award for “Most Inspirational Player” that year.

Now, let’s discuss her writing and directing talents. She decided we were going to have family plays each Thanksgiving and Christmas. Oh, holy smokes, were WE in for a treat. Everyone had their parts, and we better know our lines, because ‘Director Linzi’ would get so mad if you weren’t paying attention or correct with your lines! We were turkeys, scrooges, cool dudes, snowmen…whatever she decided. The plays were really funny, and now when we watch the VHS (yes, it’s true) videos, we laugh because even then, she was a take-charge girl.

You probably don’t know that Linzi played the violin for eight years and was in dance classes for years did you? No, she wasn’t first chair or the best dancer, but again, it was that deep rooted determination and commitment and support in whatever she was doing that everyone loved.


One thing I can surely say about my daughter is that she is not only a delight as a woman, but once she gets her mind set on something there is NO stopping her!

My daughter is the most giving, inspiring, beautiful person in the world. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that she has bitten off a huge feat like running a marathon because that is just something Linzi would do!

I am so proud to be able to walk (not run, LOL) this journey with her as her friend, her fan, and her mom.

And those Fruity Fridays she writes about…well, they started long ago…this was coconut cream pie. LOL

Blessings to you all…

Pamela  (Destination 26.2 Mom)


7 thoughts on “Guest Post – Monday

  1. awww thats so cute! its fun to see pix of you as a child! so sweet. and your mom is really adorable as well!

    we must really be marathon twins – i also played the violin, and even tho i did not take dance classes, i love to dance! hahah

    cant wait to read all the other guest posts and cant wait for mine on Friday!

    try to take it easy this week. dont get too stressed~

  2. LOL!!! Linzi, I laughed so hard at the part about you directing plays! OH MY GOSH, no WONDER we’re sisters!!! I DID THAT TOO!

    Hehehehehe! Yes, I’m still laughing.

    What a sweet post by your mom. I loved it!

  3. I love this. You are pretty hardcore with that broken ankle and bloody mitt!

    I played the violin for 9 years. I miss it! I have it at home. It just needs to be tuned…

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