Well I am back on the blog train and couldn’t be more excited. I do hope you all enjoyed my Guest Blogger’s last week. I was so excited to host different bloggers as well as words from the special people in my life. 

As for the life of “The Linz” I think things are slowing down just a wee bit. Last week I hosted a very big conference for my job and was extremely busy through thursday doing that. Then friday was the day of the Ball!  🙂


In preparation for the Big Ball I hit up my favorite cardio kickboxing class. I was ecstatic to learn a new routine when I showed up. I punched and kicked my little heart out. I even wore two shirts because when it rains, it pours and managed to pour through both. (kind of TMI but it was a killer workout).  

After that I indulged my feets in a pedicure treatment. I haven’t been in for a pedi since early last year and with all the running around for my conference and running for fun my feet needed a little treat. So I went on over to Viziato a salon in Boise. I was hoping to spot Mandi Kramer from the Biggest Loser’s 7th season (she apparently works there) but didn’t see her. Oh well, but my feet did get pretty!

Post Pedi Pose

Then I raced over to the salon where  my friend Ashley works to get my hair done.  Anyways, she did a trim, cut me some bangs, then styled my hair all fancy for the big night.

So I had my pretty toes and my pretty hair,  all I needed was my pretty dress and handsome man. (He wouldn’t be very happy if I called him a pretty man on the blog).

Aww.. the night was magical! I had a really nice salmon dinner. I was too nervous to take pictures of my food though, because there was a Sergent guy (aka Really Important Person) sitting at our table. This was my first time at a military ball so I was still learning “Ball Etiquette”.  There was also some dancing! Then we ended up heading downtown for a few martinis.

It was fun to see all the men in uniform with their pretty dates at the martini bar afterwards. I have to say that it was a memorable experience and my really cute shoes were awesome! I have never had more comfortable heels in my life! 🙂


I am so glad to be back and I promise to have more workout related posts in the near future! I just felt so Cinderella-y that I had to share!


10 thoughts on “Baller!

  1. What pretty shoes!

    BTW, found you from Brittany Ann. I was interested in your blog name because I’m running my first half-marathon Feb. 28 in New Orleans. Looking forward to reading your progress — you may inspire me to sign up for a full marathon! =)

    • Nice to meet you! Good luck on your half marathon coming up, I will be excited to hear about it. As I have not yet run a half marathon. I will keep you posted on my training – there will be lots of running going on over here! 🙂 Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. awww u look so pretty and the bf also looks pretty. hehe. i can call him pretty, he doesnt know me.
    u guys looked so good! u must have had the best time!

    glad to have u back!!!

  3. Welcome back!! You and the BF look adorable together, and you look amazing in your dress! Your hair is awesome too – did you put it up yourself? I’m totally incompetent when it comes to all things girly, especially hair and makeup 🙂

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