Yoga & a Run = 2x the fun!


I took Monday off as a day to catch up on life. A lot of things had been neglected the past week, such as my workouts, house cleaning, spending time with loved ones, and me time. So somehow I managed to cram it ALL into one day. It was crazy but it was awesome

When I woke up J. Alabama told me he would make me breakfast. He was really excited to try out his new version of Eggs In a Basket. He thought why not try it in a bagel instead? Woah! It was ridiculously amazing. We did however, have to cut the hole in the middle of the bagel just a bit bigger to fit all the egg. But it turned out quite delicious! I think I am going to rename this breakfast Beggel (get it, egg in a bagel).






After breakfast I was itching to run. I knew it was beautiful out and I had decided to get over my fear of running alone. I just hate it.

So I strapped on garmina and decided to run a 3 mile loop. I wanted to just run. I didn’t want to worry about how fast I was going so I opted to not look at garmina for a very long time. I was just running along when I felt my legs were super heavy. I thought to myself, ughh… I feel like I am going so s-l-o-w.. So I was at the half way point at this time and decided to check on my pace.

To my surprise I was running a 9:30/mi . WHAT? I was in utter and total shock. I was just running at my pace and had no idea that I was even running that fast. (To me that is fast). Anyways, it was very strange because I mentioned that my legs felt heavy but it was probably due to the fact that I was running WAY faster than I normally do.

I kept going as normal though. I still didn’t want to focus on my time and just wanted to finish the run. I kept on running until I reached my home.   

YAY! I was sweating and breathing heavy, but was bound and determined to take after run photos.

So I clicked stop on Garmina as I hit the 3 mile point. Again to my surprise I saw that I had finished in 29:00. New record!!


Here is a recap of my mile splits:

Average mile pace:  9:40/mi

Mile 1:   9:24

Mile 2:  9:38

Mile 3:  9:57

So I was pretty jazzed about my time and was floating on a happy cloud for most of the day. I then headed out to have date with my grama!  The last time we had a day together just the two of us was way back in October.

We went out to lunch then stopped by The Nike Factory store. She is really supportive of my marathon and wanted to buy me some gear that will me help me out in the coming months. It was so fun in the Nike Store! I had never been there (and unfortunately forgot my camera for this whole adventure). But it was a runners dream!

Here is the my loot!

I scored a new pair of Nike Running shoes, these will be used mostly at the gym for my Kickboxing, Zumba, Spinning, Bodypump and treadmill running! I also got new Nike Tempo running shorts (YAY!) and running socks.

Oh and I also got  this detergent special for wicking clothes. It is supposed to help rid the odors that get trapped in wicking clothes. I am excited to try this out. And will be sure to give a full report as soon as I do.

After a fun day with grama I decided a nice yoga session was in order. I called my mom and met her down at our gym for a 90 minute yoga class.

This was my first yoga class of the year and probably the first time I have been in about 9 months. I could definitely feel the pain when we did what felt like 300 down dogs.  It was way harder than I remembered.

We did some warrior poses.  


And some tree poses.


And ended the class in a nice 10 minute long meditation. I was so relaxed I actually fell asleep. Oops! When I woke up I sat up and saw everyone was moving around and getting ready to leave. Well after my run and fun day shopping with grams I was sure to be exhausted!

I am going to try to make it to an early morning spinning class tomorrow! I say try because sometimes 5:30 am is just too early! But if I can follow my plan for success I will have my clothes laid out the night before and I will be in bed by 10:00 pm! Here’s hoping!


12 thoughts on “Yoga & a Run = 2x the fun!

  1. i love doing yoga after a hard run!
    thats great that you r running so fast! its awesome. i ran outside last week and did pretty good. I felt like i was running as slow as a turtle, but my pace was under 10 min/mile. YAY! we are gonna rock our marathons!

  2. What a great day! A wonderful run and time with your loved ones sounds perfect. Fun new Nike stuff – what a sweet grandma. And I totally agree about yoga…how is downward facing dog so hard sometimes?!?

  3. I’ve been MIA and didn’t realized you movied your blog! Ooops! Sounds like you had a fun day…I love yoga after running! And your pace is looking great…I need to keep building up my speen…had to take some time off running because I hurt my ankle:(

    • YAY! Glad to have you over here Gina. Actually I was thinking about all your power yoga hours when I went to yoga on monday. I was thinking wow she does this several times a week, that is hard core! And I am super sore today from it! eek!

  4. I just found your ‘blog’ again – yeah!
    We use that sport wash – it is really good but I don’t use it for every wash as I find it is good for not clogging up the wicking fabric…but doesn’t always get everything totally clean.
    Sweeetttt Nike stuff.

  5. Hey! So I’m catching up on all of your old blogs… Do you love your garmin?! I was checking them out the other day at the gym and have been thinking about getting one. That way I can’t cheat my mileage when running outside hah

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