All Perked Up


So I did it. Yep I made it out of bed and to my 5:30 am spinning class this morning. YAY!

After participating in spin classes on and off for about a year now you would think I would know the drill. I got to class 10 minutes early and still had to literally throw myself at the last spin bike. And I am not kidding you how bad it was in there. A lady and I happen to be walking through the front doors of the gym at the same time, I noticed her fast paced shuffle and her biking attire. So I scooted right along behind her as she snatched the second to last bike.

As I set my seat up and my settings I saw angry faces glaring at me from the front door to the room. And the instructor saying “well don’t worry, half of these people won’t be back next week, so we should have enough room next time”.

I was actually insulted by her remarks. So just because I don’t eat, sleep and breath in my tight butt padded spandex I am not good enough to join in a spin class every now and then? Seriously? I got the impression that I stole one of the “regular’s” bike. People, I drug myself out of bed at a gawdawful hour to take this class. It was 4 something when I woke up. 4 something!! (that’s early).

Well I just used my aggression toward the bike and pretended that I was running up the hills. You heard me right, running. I go to spin class to help with my running. As I may have mentioned before I have noticed a vast increase in my endurance when running after regularly attending spin classes. Also I am better able to control my breathing which is another I struggle with when running.

So I let the bike have it! Ahhh… Felt good. I was also able to sport my new kicks to class. Soooo comfortable!

What I love about early morning workouts is that I have time to enjoy a real breakfast. Typically I don’t give myself enough time on a regular morning and end slurping up a Green Monster because that is the only way to eat breakfast on the go.

But this morning I was excited to try out Yoplait’s new Greek Yogurt. I have had the Chobani which I love, but I noticed the price tag was a bit cheaper so opted to give it a try.

My honey vanilla Greek Yoplait


I threw it in a bowl and topped with half a red pear, a handful of BearNaked Granola and a sprinkle of cinnamon.


My review of the Greek yoplait is that it was pretty good. The thick creamyness of the greek yogurt was there, the only thing lacking was the flavor. The honey vanilla tasted more like plain yogurt. I was glad that I added the cinnamon, granola and fruit to give it the extra kick it needed.

And to pair up my delicious yogurt I made a cup of freshly brewed Italian espresso mixed with a bit of non-fat milk. I make the espresso in this stove top percolator. My mom bought it for me. Can you tell why?

If you guessed because it is PINK then you were right! 🙂

I use Lavazza Espresso because it comes from Torino, Italy (where I lived for 9 months). I got the opportunity to tour the factory when I was there, so I have been a fan ever since.

Anyways, I had the perfect breakfast and the perfect workout. This makes me think that today is going to be AWESOME! 🙂


What activities do you do to help your running?

(I have heard of Pilates for Runners) but wonder if there are other things I can participate in that will coincide with my weekly runs. I’m curious what you do.


10 thoughts on “All Perked Up

  1. I take a body sculpting class for strength training and yoga for flexibility. I think the yoga really helps me a lot.

    Kudos to you for waking up early and getting to spinning! I would have been ticked off at the instructor saying that as well. wtf!

    Have you written about your experience living in Italy?

    • Thanks for the kudos! It’s so hard for me to get up that early! Anyways, you know I have touched a bit on my Italy experience here and there, but maybe a good flashback post is in order! 🙂

  2. I would have been put off by that comment as well – and the glares! Everyone is entitled to take those classes. Way to go taking out your frustrations on the bike! I also find that I am a stronger runner when I spin regularly. I just wish I could fit the classes into my schedule more easily. Unfortunately the morning classes at my gym aren’t early enough.

  3. when I saw the bike.. I thought you were about to say (write) I did.. I bought a spin bike… lol. That would rock my world.. I looked at one a very nice one except it was $3000 so I just admired it and walked away.. lol

  4. I LOVE spin class, in fact I have a week trial at a local gym and I am going to take the 6am spin class this friday (maybe thursday too!) I may sign up for a membership just to be able to take spin again. I have found that power yoga really helps with my running…I have ankle issues and when I didn’t go to yoga in about 10 days and ran….I hurt myself. I think my body needs that balance between running and yoga.

    On a side note, I tried the new yoplait greek yogurt in blueberry yesterday and was impressed with the texture. The ingredient list was ok, but it did not list the active cultures that other greek yogurts have, so I was a bit turned off by that. The extra protien was from milk protein concentrate or something…

  5. wow 4 something is early. i got my butt out of bed at 6 and left the house by 6:20 today and omg, was i in a bad mood and grumpy for the first few hours.

    I envy ur persistence of getting up early and going to spin! that is amazing. i am not that good!

    i have never tried greek yogurt either. is it a light yogurt or full calorie? i see it everywhere and all the bloggers eat it. maybe i should try it?? hmmm

    and to answer ur question, i think yoga helps with my running. all that stretching is good for me!

  6. The seasoned “regulars” can be downright to newcomers in spin classes! But don’t worry! You have every right to be there! Go girl!

    And, seriously, cutest percolator ever!

  7. You got up at 4am?? I am in awe — you are amazing! And eff those regulars; you deserve a bike just as much as they do. It’s their fault for not getting there earlier!

    I think yoga and strength training are really good for runners, and so are other types of cardio (like spinning, elliptical); they work different muscle groups to keep you strong and balanced 🙂

  8. Linz, I would have been SO MAD if those spin-bitches talked like that in front of me! Seriously, I would have said something to the instructor too since she was obviously in on it. Grrrrrr!

    (Sorry, I’m protective of my little sis.)

    I’ve always wanted to try Greek Yogurt. Sounds like it’s good if you doctor it up!

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