If you haven’t noticed I tend to obsess over pretty much anything running related. So when I received this gift from my parents at Christmas I was pretty excited. It is something that I can use all year-long and keeps me organized.

It’s a running log calendar!

I am a huge calendar fanatic and love to keep track of statistics and notes. I try to write all of all my workouts and events on my regular wall calendar but I never feel there is enough room to be specific about each workout.

I can actually write my work-out/run recaps into each day. I keep track of other workouts besides my running because it fun to look back and see all that I have done.

I love this little book for so many reasons! It’s fairly small and could fit right into your gym bag. There is lots of room to write. I tend to get wordy sometimes. And there are inspirational quotes and tips inside that are fun to read.

How do you keep track of your runs and workouts?

On a much belated note, I wanted to share with you a little Valentine’s Day love. My V-day was a such a fun day. I was lucky to be able to spend the whole day with J. Alabama.

We started our morning by making breakfast together. Nothing like heart-shaped french toast to start the morning!

Cinnamon raisin bread gave it that extra special kick!

We also added some pomegranate juice and Spitzer to make a fun mocktail drink to go along with our breakfast.

Later that day we went to see the Valentine’s Day Movie, which we both actually enjoyed. It seemed to have a lot of different stories going on and sometimes didn’t really make a whole lot of sense, but for a nice romantic movie it seemed fine for the two of us.

Then we came home to enjoy a little snack before our fabulous dinner.

Can’t resist chocolate covered strawberries! Delish!

We then went out to dinner at a cute little Italian restaurant called Asiago’s. Mmmm… Che buono!

We had a lovely and relaxing weekend and I feel very refreshed! Thank you all for your words of encouragement last week regarding me taking time for myself. Sometimes I am a little hard on myself and forget it’s okay to just take a day to yourself. 

 I am excited to catch up on all your weekends too. I completely unplugged this weekend and it was just what I needed. Be back tomorrow with a special running related post!


7 thoughts on “Refreshed

  1. aww, your breakfast was adorable! Maybe I’ll do that for Chase one morning, except I only have Halloween cut outs haha, whatever get the job done…

    and nice calendar, I’m a recording freak too and track all my stuff on

  2. I love that you make notes of your workouts… I do the same just so I can go back and see how I preformed or how I trained for something. I use google calender.. I schedule my workouts and if I need to add a note I do it there.

    Great idea on the heartshaped french toast.. I should have thought of it for my pancakes.. maybe next year 😉

  3. Your Valentine’s Day sounds wonderful… and yummy!

    Love that notebook. I track my runs online (in a few places), but I don’t eep track of any other workouts. I’d like to start, though…

  4. What an awesome V-Day!

    I used to have a book like that. Now I keep track of my workouts on a weekly recap post. I like looking back and seeing my consistency/progress!

  5. awwww. sounds like u had a wonderful weekend and an amazing Valentine with the bf.
    that toast did look great. And chocolate covered strawberries…..omg, my mouth is watering!

    and i have 3 tracking systems for my workouts:
    1. if i run with the Nike +, that gets uploaded to the Nike website
    2. i am part of Tall Mom’s Running Club – and i enter my runs into her spreadsheet
    3. I use Daily mile for all my runs and all my workouts.

    It gets confusing. i dont know why i have 3. but i do! hahah

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