Special Edition

After my week of guest posting, my brother was inspired to write this blog post. I am blessed to have such a special person in my life. He is seriously one of my best friends and he encourages me to be a better person and to live my life to it’s fullest.  I introduce you to Antonio aka as A-Bomb!


First of all I have to start off by saying that I have the best sister in the world. Not only is she super organized and beautiful, she is the most fun person to drink wine with in the world.  She is also the best travel buddy on international trips… “Hermana, cervasa ahora!” with her response always “Si  Si!”

My sister and I are so close that we tell people that we are twins with me always being older. The similarities are undeniable. I remember one time in high school that we wore the same outfit to school without knowing… Black polo with khakis. She was so traumatized that she went home to change.  But it hasn’t always been so pleasant. With me being the younger annoying brother that I am Z and I didn’t see eye to eye on many things.

 In fact the first 16 years of my life she probably would have preferred to be an only child. After her return from a year spent traveling through Europe, I had my sister back and we became great friends. Now I look up to her in the highest regard… She has such a kind heart and the work ethic of pilgrim settling the frontier.  And in the future… who knows, maybe a famous runner!

When Linzi started running I didn’t think much of it. Actually I thought it was a fad that would soon walk away.  However she stuck it out and ran her heart out. In the rain, snow, cold and dark she can be found slicing through the air with the only sound of foot on pavement being audible. She also found the importance of a healthy lifestyle and has invited (often with force) others to join her in her revelation. Due to her enthusiasm, a cult following of amateur runners was soon created.

Before my sister’s adventures in running, I was relatively an inactive person, her determination and spirit got me excited as it often does. I soon invested in a pair of running shoes and started running myself. I started to feel better, loose some extra pounds and even breathe better. Soon I was running further and further without difficulties. I remember one such occasion in her running group, she told us we would be running a “short loop”.

Two miles later I realized that we were only at the half way point…. I was so angry because I was two miles away from my car and the only way to get back was to keep running, UP HILL! I started to slow and she came to run by my side… with the encouragement only a big sister can have we finished the last 2 miles together. After the anger wore off, I realized I just ran four miles straight… a feat for an amateur like me that would have not been possible without the love and inspiration of an older sister. Although that was my last run of the year due to cold weather (I’m a wuss) it inspired me to see what else I could do.

So I started an aggressive snowboard campaign, something I always wanted to be good at. I bought a pass, a board and all the gear to go with it. After a couple months of dedication, I was soon carving down the hill at speeds in excess of 40 miles an hour.  There is something about gliding through snow attached to a piece of fiberglass that is exhilarating. I don’t think I would have ever appreciated the joy of the snow as much as I do, but because of my sister I found a dedication inside of me that I never knew.

We use to joke that the only sport we were good at was foosball and beer pong. However, now I think that we could take on anybody in anything. Linzi’s inspiration transcends normal insight so much that you want to follow blindly in her footsteps.  I would suggest that you do! She will guide you steadfast and keep you safe while pushing you to cross the finish line. Thank you for being the best sister anyone has ever had… for teaching me and making me laugh…. and for encouraging me to surprise myself with the abilities I have deep inside. I love you Z!!!


10 thoughts on “Special Edition

  1. Amazing. Great article A-Bomb! You two are so funny, and yes, I guess you probably would have killed her on your 4 mile run if you could have caught her huh?! LOL. I’m glad that you are snow boarding, as that has got to feel so free–wear a helmet though! My twins…I’m a proud mom!

  2. Awww. very nice post. Linzi u r lucky to have such a great brother!
    and A-Bomb (a name that i might steal. lol) great job in the 4 mile run. Keep up the good work and maybe one day u will run a marathon with ur sister! hehe

  3. That’s very sweet, I hope that my daughter and son will have as great of a relationship as you guys.
    Me and sister were never really close growing up. Today we are good friends but I which we had a closer bond.

  4. That A-Bomb guy sounds amazing. I hear he is single and looking… so any single ladies who need a sweet brother or nice guy, there is enough of A-Bomb to go around i think.

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