ME Day


So I have still been on the go, go, go and not really had a chance to just take a day for myself. But I am happy to announce that I took today as a real “me” day. A day to catch up on blogs, run, clean house, run errands, and pretty much do whatever I feel like.

A little recap of my crazy weekend….

Friday night I met up with the WILL RUN FOR WINE group for a 4 mile run, a perfect way to let off some steam from the work week. Then J. Alabama and I met up with friends at a comedy show. We ended up seeing the “Erotic Hypnotic”. You can only imagine the things this guy made these poor people do on stage. It was almost a bit much at times, but a nice way to get out of the house and the tickets were only $10.00.

Saturday I managed to squeeze a quick work out in at the gym, strength training was the name of the game! It felt good to lift some lbs. Then I was off to J. Alabama’s first rugby game of the season! My best friend Maria joined me.

It was freeeeeeezing, and even started to snow while watched the game.

So Rugby is like playing football without the pads. Don’t be fooled, they look almost like they are playing soccer in this picture, but when they get into their “scrum” (from the outsider it looks like a bunch of guys huddling in a circle fighting for the ball) things start getting a little intense. Boyfriend warned me that the games can get pretty gnarly and there is usually blood involved. It’s a rougher tougher version of american football.

It was fun to watch and learn a bit more about the sport. But we were glad when it was finally over because it we had started losing feeling in our toesies.

So what a better way to warm up than by checking out a new frozen yogurt joint! 🙂

Okay, honestly the name is what got me. Who wouldn’t want to check out a place called Spoon Me?

Besides the really awesome name, all of their yogurt is all natural.

You had four options of flavors to choose from: Green Tea, Natural, Chocolate, or Acai. I did a sample of the Green Tea and the Acai and they were a bit tangy for me.

But the best part is each yogurt comes with toppings – all fresh fruit! Yum!

My final creation was Chocolate & Natural flavored swirled topped with fresh kiwi, pomegranate arils and fresh strawberries.

Holy yum! I was so happy to find a place to get a healthier version of a treat.

So my weekend just kept going from there. Our family had a group of family friends come over for a Taco Blast. It was amazing food and fun. And I proud to think I have finally mastered my homemade guacamole. Then a playful game of Cranium was followed – which I had forgotten how fun it is!

After that I went to celebrate another friend’s house-warming party. He just bought his first house! YAY JOE! 

I must say that by Sunday I was pretty darn tired. Yesterday actually turned into a rest day. I did absolutely nothing (unless you count watching Scrubs for hours on end) which probably makes yesterday more a “me” day.

But I realized that taking a whole day to do nothing is just what I needed to clear my head and recharge for the rest of the week. Today is a day for cleaning up and accomplishing some must do items, but without a rest day in between my motivation levels would be depleted.

I am still working on being okay with taking a whole day off just for me. I talk a lot being a people pleaser and a do-er. I am consciously working on saying no and doing things for me. But it’s a constant struggle. But I am making progress and that’s all that matters!


5 thoughts on “ME Day

  1. Gotta hit that yogurt shop, looks like so much fun. And, yes, you HAVE mastered making guacamole. It was delicious! I’d need a ‘me day’ after the day you had Saturday Linz! LOL.

  2. Glad you had a fun and restful weekend and were able to have a “me” day on Sunday! It’s all about the balance, balance, balance 🙂

    Oh, and further proof we’re two peas in a pod? I ❤ Scrubs big time! I've got almost every season (all the good ones: 2-6) on DVD!

  3. sounds like a really fun weekend!
    and Spoon Me sounds delicious. hahahhaha

    so rugby eh? haha. thats cool! i have never seen a rugby match, but it sounds interesting!

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