Sunshine on a rainy day

Paying more attention to my body’s hunger cues yesterday was interesting for me.  After my clean slate post yesterday I opted to do a little soul-searching on what’s the dealio with my body.

My mom asked me to meet up with her for lunch yesterday. We did a ‘build your own salad’ at our local grocery store. I piled on the spinach, mushrooms, brocoli and beans! It was filling and delicious. But when I arrived back to my office I was instantly hit with that feeling of needing something sweet.

I looked in all the normal places for chocolates and candies to fill my sweet craving, luckily we happen to be all out. In my ravenous search for chocolate  I had that a-ha moment. I have been mindlessly eating sweets every day after lunch and not even realized it. A candy here, a cookie there…. it’s starting to add up!

I briefly panicked and wondered if a diet coke was going to do the trick, though I was not craving caffeine or soda. Then I ruffled around the office fridge (mind you I was not hungry, I just had a huge salad) and found my lovely little friend Mr. Orange.

I have been buying fruit with all the intentions in the world to eat them, but always seem to forget about them before they go bad. But I remembered biting into an orange a few weeks ago being surprised at how much I loved it. I actually had bought the orange to be cut up for my Blue Moon Beer for the Super Bowl. Then realized that I don’t ever buy or eat oranges because I hate the process of peeling them.

My friend Maria suggested I cut into little wedges like they did when were in elementary school. GENIUS!

Just like in elementary!

So remembering the refreshing and sweet taste of that orange made me think that fruit for dessert is going to be my new go-to for after lunch sweet cravings.

Once again the key to success is to set yourself up to win. By having Mr. Orange on hand I was able to combat my sweet cravings into a sweet and healthy fix. And I believe that once I have my “fruit dessert” for a few weeks I probably won’t even crave chocolate or candy during lunch time any more. This I have also noticed as being the worst time for my cravings. But I have never stopped to pay attention to what I was doing and what I was putting into my mouth.

On a fun note, I was tagged with the Sunshine Blogger Award by  Katie at Fit to Wed 

  & The Glamorous Blog award from Brittany at Living in the Moment

YAY! I was excited and honored to get both of these awards and especially from two of my favorite bloggers!! I have to confess that Brittany gave me this award a bit ago and I never passed it along. So everyone who gets tagged today will get two awards because you are that awesome!! 🙂  And Katie, it’s downpouring rain over here today, so I could use the sunshine too! Thanks ladies!

So I am supposed to pass along these awards  to 7 people and am supposed to do so by leaving a comment on their page.  So here goes….

Gina @ Looking Forward-  This girl is crazy about yoga and I love it! She inspires me to push myself in the realm of the yoga world. And she is a runner too!!  If I’m ever in the Seattle area or you are in the Boise area we are SO running together, and maybe yoga after?! 🙂

Kara @ Kara’s Marathon – I love reading Kara’s blog because she is so personable and real. I admire her strength and her passion. Since I began reading her blog I have seen her grow and get involved in some amazing things. She too inspires me to do things I have only thought about and she is also a runner! Yay for runners! 🙂

Kim  @ Ilax Studio – Kim runs, rock climbs, snowshoes….etc! She does it all! I love heading on over to Ilax Studio because she always has a thought-provoking question or some great tips. I am so glad to have met her through the blog world.

Aneta @ Confessions of a Rambunctious Runner- My marathon twin – what can I say but you rock! She too is training for her first ever marathon, of which happens to fall on the same day as my first marathon (hence us being marathon twins). She brings a smile to my face every time I read her blog. She is always up to something fun and crazy and I love her excitement for life.

Tricia @ Endurance Isn’t Only Physical- Tricia is an amazing sweet person. She writes the most heartfelt uplifting posts and has been on amazing health journey this past year. I can always count her post to put me into a positive and good mood. And her attitude and commitment are contagious. She doesn’t let anything stop her from achieving her goal, not even a stress fracture!  🙂

Marlene @ Mission To Another Marathon – Marlene pushes it to the limits! She is always running and inspiring others to be all they can be. I admire her enthusiasm and support. And know that I am going to be ready to run after her posts. (I even packed up my stuff to do a little run during my lunch break, inspired by her lunch runs, rain or shine baby!)

Amanda @ Two Boos Who Eat –  I love seeing what Amanda is up to. Her and her hubs are always on an adventure somewhere and I get excited to see what crazy foods they are going to review. Amanda is also training for her first 5k which I am soooo excited about. You’re going to rock it!!!

Wow,  that was fun thinking about how much you bloggy friends mean to me. I appreciate all your encouraging words and know that you all (even those who did not get an award) inspire me. I have gotten so much more than I ever expected from blogging and it’s all thanks to you!


5 thoughts on “Sunshine on a rainy day

  1. Thank you so much for the award and your kind words. 🙂

    Let me know how that lunch run goes…. 😉

    I *love* oranges and I always eat them in wedges! Super easy and yummy. Hope it killed the sweet craving!

  2. Aww, thanks!!! I love fruit to satify sweet cravings…and it helps to get my 5 a day in (though I am shooting for 7 a day!) The other night I had Meyer lemon wedges sprinkled with a bit of sugar…it was so good…sweet/sour yuminess!

  3. “And I believe that once I have my “fruit dessert” for a few weeks I probably won’t even crave chocolate or candy during lunch time any more.” This is SO, SO true! I’m loving all of your a-ha moments lately; I hope they add up to great things weight loss and running-wise! 🙂

    Also, thanks for the awards and your incredibly kind words 🙂 I really hope our paths cross sometime soon!

  4. thank you. thank you very much (said in an elvis voice)

    I love awards. i will work on my acceptance speech and perform it later! hehe.

    and aren’t oranges great? i mean, i forget how much i like them. fruit is good to satisfy those cravings. cravings suck!!! but we have to live with them. but oranges crush them!!

  5. Thank you so much for the award. You are too kind! I am sending you a big virtual hug!

    We have been eating a lot of oranges after dinner and we LOVE them! They are the best. Sometimes we forget about them too though 😉

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