Three Things Thursday


1. Get my Race On!

I have a plan to work on my race calendar tonight. I will be posting a whole page dedicated to my future 2010 races. This will help me get more motivated and organized. I will have a full report tomorrow!

2. Body Combat Hayyy-ya!

Thursday’s have become one of my favorite workout days. I get to go to Body Combat tonight  and punch and kick my worries and frustrations away. I usually leave this class with the equivalent to a runner’s high. It’s awesome!

3. Vacation in my future??

Quite possibly! The boyfriend and I would like to take a little adventure during his spring break (last week of March) and need some ideas. If you know of any cool and fun places for us to check out, let me know. It could even be in your next of the woods, I am open to any and all suggestions. I am just struggling on where to even start. Maybe you all will spark some ideas for us.  Thanks!


Happy Thursday All!

8 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. How is Marlene always first to comment! ugh! lol jokes

    yay for the race calendar. Im excited to see what races you’re doing! and when! maybe we have overlap on more than one race.

    and a vacation. that would be awesome. let us know what you decide!

  2. I used to love that class but they don’t offer it at my current gym…sad:(

    My boyfriend and I took weekend trips to Victoria and Whidbey Island last fall and it was so much fun…I’d love to vist all the islands around Seattle. I would suggest going on a wine excursion somewhere (with your love of wine in mind!) My favorite place is Anderson Valley in northern CA though a bit challenging to travel to! It’s less crowded than Napa and other than wineries, they have really cool B&Bs, awesome food and breweries (North Coast Brewing Co, Anderson Valley Brewing Co.)

  3. Vacation ideas:

    1. Yellowstone! It’s only about 6 hours away if you drive. Although I’m not sure what it’s like in March. May want to check into that.

    2. McCall or Sun Valley.

    3. Reno. You could spend a weekend in a casino which is always fun in small increments! The Grand Sierra has an AMAZING wine bar!

    4. Seattle and Portland are always fun and there’s always great deals on airfare through Southwest!

  4. Come to Chicago!

    Nah, wait until the summer when it is warm. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see your race calendar. I love making mine (ha, it only has 4 races on it, and one is a “maybe”)

  5. So excited to see your race calendar! Yay! Hmm, vacations… are you looking to stay within the US, take a cruise, go to Europe, someplace warm, or something else? I went to both London and Ireland around that time of year and both were so beautiful. One of my favorite vacations was a five day cruise with my girlfriends after college to Key West and Cozumel, Mexico. It’s so reasonably priced! My friend is planning a girls vacay for next year to Costa Rica and it looks like it will cost 1300 total for everything for a week. My favoritest (definitely a word) place ever is San Diego. It is gorgeous year round with beautiful beaches, plus wineries to boot! Some of my girlfriends live out there so I can travel there pretty inexpensively. haha okay wow, enough of the novel from me. Hope you enjoyed your class!

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