Tropical inspired Monster


I did something.

I did something crazy.

Okay, not that crazy, but crazy for a person who has been ranting and raving that she is too much of a yes person and likes to fill all of her spare time with projects and activities.

Yep, I joined a new organization! And not only did I just join the organization, I signed myself up to be on their marketing & events work team. (I love event planning!)

Anyways, I am excited to announce that I am the newest member of the Boise Young Professionals.  BYP is an organization for 18-40 year old professionals in the Boise, Idaho area. They plan community service projects, luncheons, lectures and even social gatherings. It’s a great way to network professionally and even to meet new people. And for me it’s a way for me to continue to build my resume all while making new acquaintances.

Taking this step to join a new group of people was a huge one for me. I have been wanting to join for at least two years now and finally got up the courage to just do it. It’s an amazing feeling to overcome your fears, whether they are large or small. Since I have started blogging I have felt more confidence in myself. It sounds like a weird correlation, but I use the blog as a reason to try new things.

Does anyone have an organization like this where you live?    Do you ever do something you may not normally consider doing because it’s “bloggable”?

Now onto something a bit more tropical. 

I ran across a fruit stand this past weekend and was jumping with joy when I saw they carried Blood Oranges I was introduced to these babies when I was living in Italy and they used to make freshly squeezed OJ out of them. MMMMMMMMMM! If you haven’t tried them, YOU MUST!

They have darker splotches of red and dark orange on the outside of the skin. It’s hard to tell in this picture.

And then when you cut them open they look bloody red. Hence the name, Blood Oranges.

Now the taste is amazing. They are orangey with a bit of tang. Sort of grapefruit-ish, but more like a sour orange. (In a good way).
So this morning I was feeling a bit more sassy than usual and decided to make another delicious Green Monster masterpiece.  I present to you the Tropical Green Monster.

Along with a peeled blood orange, I added these amazing ingredients to my Tropical Monster.

Of course you need about a cup of almond milk

Then 1/4 cup of crushed pineapple

One banana


1 scoop of vanilla protein powder + 3 Ice cubes & as much spinach as you can cram in there!


I apologize for not taking an “after” picture of my creation. It actually looked like every other green monster I make. I was afraid it would be ugly brown due to the red oranges. But it tasted fruity, refreshing & delicious!  (I still have an almost whole can of crushed pineapple to play with, what should I do with it? Any suggestions? )

I must be on a smoothie kick, since I have been a little experimental in this area lately. Happy Biggest Loser Day! I was happy to watch the Olympics, but even happier to have my favorite show back on tonight.

9 thoughts on “Tropical inspired Monster

  1. Congrats on taking a big step and joining BYP!! I hope you get tons of opportunities to network and do what you love 🙂 I’ve been thinking about joining a co-ed club softball team for a long time, but maybe this will be the spring I actually bite the bullet and sign up!

    I think I try more new foods/cuisines as a result of the blog, but I don’t think I’ve become more adventurous/confident in general. I’m still a bit timid! Speaking of, my dad swears by crushed pineapple in oatmeal…it icks me out a little, texture-wise, but it might be worth a try!

  2. Hahaha, I love that pic with the spinach overflowing out of the blender. Looks like a yummy monster idea!

    I don’t know of an organization like that nearby, but it sounds like a great opportunity!

  3. I Love blood oranges! Funny…I added frozen pineapple and OJ (and frozen pom seeds) to my Green Monster Today…it was delish!! I like to use frozen fruit rather than ice…yum!

  4. ur smoothie looks delicious!
    as soon as i read your post, i headed to the kitchen to make my own. But we had no spinach 😦
    but its ok. i used cucumber and pineapple. It was good. very refreshing. but i missed the spinach. i missed the green.

    fruity wednesday tomoro???

  5. girl..the first time I ate a blood orange I had NO clue it would be that red. I started peeling it and thought I cut my finger or something! haha 🙂
    that green monster sounds soo good. I need to get a blender! lol

  6. Congrats on joining the organization! I am not a part of anything like that, but I bet we have tons of stuff like that out here in Chicago! I wish I could make more time to do those things 😦

    I do end up trying a lot of new things that I read about on other blogs and feel inspired to do. And sometimes, when I am doing things, I think “I could blog about this!”

    Oh gosh, my mom accidentally brought blood oranges back from Italy in her purse and the police dogs sniffed them out in customs! I wasn’t with her, but my husband (then fiance) was and thought it was super funny. They ended up taking some… but accidentally leaving some with her! So she shared them with my grandma. 😉

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