Fruity Wednesday


Happy Hump Day!

I spoke briefly yesterday about how I have felt more confident since I began blogging. I also asked if you are more inclined to do something because of your blog? I wanted to clarify what I meant by this. I have become a pretty shy person over the past years but still have the same wants and desires. I still am an ambitious person with goals. Since I started blogging I have been able to use it as my crutch (not in a bad way) but a way to say it’s okay for me to do the things I want. Because of course, then I can write the experience and share it with you all.


Biggest Loser

So I managed to fall asleep (again) last night while watching, so the only drama I know about is how the teams got split into blue & black. Other than that I have no idea what happened. Maybe I should just permanently change my bedtime to 8:00? 

Anyways, I ran across an interview yesterday that our local newspaper did with Mandi (season 7 ) Biggest Loser Contestant a few weeks ago. I found it very interesting to hear that she has been struggling with weight gain since being on the Biggest Loser and has gained nearly half of the weight she lost back. I was in shock to read this because I know how hard these people worked to lose the weight and then to come home and gain it back. Uggghhh! But I just have to wonder if they are sort of set-up to fail? These people are working out up to 12 hours a day (which is utterly impossible for the average person who may have a life, family, kids, job…etc). And at some point she was even down to eating 700 calories a day. Are you freaking kidding me?

Now I love the show, but these methods do not seem safe, healthy or even realistic. And how is a person supposed to NOT gain weight when they get back home and maintain this rigorous schedule? Anyways, thought I would share this article with you. I am big fan of Mandi, since she is an Idahoan!

Now onto the fruit of this post… FRUITY FRIDAY WEDNESDAY!

A certain someone *cough* is going on vacation to Cuba so we moved our lovely Fruity Friday segment to today. (I’m not jealous at all.)  😉 So enjoy the review that I have for you today. And don’t forget to head on over to Aneta’s to check her review and wish her well before her trip! It’s funny that this is fruit of the week because it falls right in line with my new favorite fruit… the orange. But it’s not an orange, oh no, it’s the Kumquat.

So tiny! Another cute fruit! YAY!

These little guys are referred to as “the little gold gems of the citrus family”. The Kumquat were said to be introduced into Florida in around 1895 from Japan. 

Now let’s talk taste shall we?  I popped one of these babies into my mouth and immediately wondered where I could spit it out. It tasted as if I stuck an orange peel into my mouth and began munching away. But it also had a super tart taste, similar to the tartiness of a lemon. I just don’t think these fruits were made for snacking. But I have read that they are great for cooking. I will have to do some research and see I can make something out of these Kumquats. I just hate wasting fruit and know it has to have a good quality in it somewhere.

Anyone tried a Kumquat? What did you think?



11 thoughts on “Fruity Wednesday

  1. i dont like reading your reviews before i do my own because i dont wanna be biased. but when i saw that you did yours, i got over excited and read it.
    and now i dont know if i wanna even try these guys. ahhahahah.
    but i will. it just means that i will only buy a few. haha.

    im gonna do my review when i get home from work. talk later

  2. Never tried a Kumquat. The name of it alone makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. 😉

    That was a very interesting article. I knew they worked out insane hours, but 600-700 calories a day – that’s just wrong! I enjoy the show, but I’ve never agreed 100% with their practices. I just hope that most people are able to put it into perspective before the expect similar results from themselves.

  3. haha they ARE a cute fruit! I’ve never tried one. Oh and congrats on joining the professional association 🙂 I haven’t been watching BL this season- I do miss it but a lot of the stuff irked me! I still bought Jillian’s new dvd yesterday though- I’m a sucker!

  4. I used to enjoy TBL more than I do now; I just find it unrealistic (like you mentioned) in so many ways. People crying because they ONLY lost 5 lbs. in a week?? Working out all day and night on a 1200 calorie (if that) diet??

    I’m glad they have medical supervision while they are on the ranch so no one has a heart attack and dies, but no one can believe that they’ll be able to keep off all the weight long-term once they go back to real life. I feel like it is easier for the people eliminated early to lose weight and keep it off; they get a chance to figure out how to incorporate their new healthy lifestyle into their usual day-to-day for a while.

    The finalists, in contrast, spend tons of time in the ranch bubble, work out like maniacs to win the finale, THEN have to figure out what their new real life looks like, months and months later.

  5. I agree with that idea about the Biggest Loser. It is unrealistic. Some of them can keep it off; they really can. But unless you are STRICT about diet and religious about exercise, even the slightest bit of leeway, with the history those people have with obesity…it’s impossible to maintain. It just is. The weight is lost too fast, too intensely. It doesn’t set most severely obese people up for a steadily maintained svelte figure. There’s too many other emotional/genetic factors at play for those who struggle with morbid obesity.

    As for kumquats, they are a great marinade. Although, I love tart, so I’ve been known to eat them unassisted:)

  6. I still watch the Biggest Loser, but I am amazed at all of the stories that are coming out. They cut their calories down so low, especially the first week, to get the big shocking TV numbers. It scares me for all the viewers at home that are looking up to them and wondering..why can’t I do that?

    I’ve never seen kumquats at my grocery store, but they are adorbs!

  7. Do you peal the kumquat?

    I don’t watch TBL, but have read some of those online stories about how people gain their weight back. It would be hard to stick with such a drastic lifestyle!

  8. I totally agree with you about BL! I actually fell asleep Tuesday night too! I DVR’d it so I will watch it tonight. I think what they do is very unrealistic and it must be so hard for these people to go home and not gain it back. I feel bad for her!

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