It appears that spring time is getting closer and closer. This makes me happy. So happy that I decided to rock the capri running pants last night at our Will Run For Wine Run to show my excitement! Ahh… soon enough I can lose the jacket too!

The running group consisted of me and my friend Amy. (Hi Amy!)  🙂  Though there were only two we trudged along and completed about a 3.10 mile run in about 31 minutes. Which is a rockin’ run in my book!

I have noticed that after running my last few runs on the treadmill I am finding it harder to run outside. My legs feel heavy and my breathing is harder to manage. I assume this is due to two things.

1. Being I always forget to turn on the incline when I am running on the treadmill. I have heard that putting it at .05 or 1 percent incline mimics the incline of a running path.  (No wonder the treadmill started to seem so easy)

2. I think my strides are shorter on the treadmill. So when I run outside I am struggling a bit to find my rhythm.

Anywho, my first race of the year is next saturday. Next SATURDAY?!! Yep, I decided to run the 5 mile YMCA St. Patty’s Race. I am feeling a bit over ambitious by jumping right into a 5 miler, but I am starting to hate doling out tons of $$$ for 5k’s. I only have one on the race calendar this year.  Don’t get me wrong they are great, but I need to pick and choose my races wisely this year. This is to help save some money and to follow the quality over quantity rule. More races does not = more awesomeness. Ha ha ha… That is what I tell myself so I can get through the day.

Now I have to report my on super delicious breakfast. A few days ago I opened a can of pineapple and didn’t know what to do with the rest. Kara gave me the sweetest idea of adding into my oatmeal. Sounded a bit strange but I was willing to give it a try.

So I present you my tropical inspired oats.

My oats contained a scoop of crushed pineapple, a sprinkling of coconut, a squirt of agave nectar, a dab of buttah and a crumbled up failure of a chocolate chip cookie.

J. Alabama and I attempted to make cookies last night and realized we had everything but baking powder. Well we searched and found a cookie recipe that called for baking soda instead and crossed our fingers. Our cookies came out super flat and crumbly and looked like pancakes.


He suggested that I throw one in the oatmeal for crunch. It was brilliant I tell ya!

And just so you know all know, pineapple in oatmeal is AWESOME! 🙂

Hey you will have to come back tomorrow as I have exciting news to share.


9 thoughts on “Oats!

  1. First comment! 😉

    YAY for running in capris! Should be warm enough for that around here soon I hope!

    If you’re used to the treadmill, running outside could also be more difficult because of wind resistence…. even if it doesn’t feel windy, you’re still dealing with the elements! Between inclines, uneven surfaces and weather conditions, it is definitely more of a workout. You’ll get your groove back!

  2. Oh man capris! I cannot wait until I can do that. We are currently back to super cold temps and I had to layer on two pairs of pants this morning for my run. :/

    My first race of the season is next Saturday too! I’m doing a 5k. 😀

  3. YUM…pineapple and coconut AND a crumbly cookie…sounds like heaven!!!

    I need to find a running group:) Btw, I would also like to point out that it is still light out in your pic that was taken after work…Spring is most definitely almost here!!! 10 days to daylight savings and then it will be light until 6:30-7. That will really help in motivating me to workout after work!

  4. Mmmm, sounds like good oatmeal!

    I find running outdoors easier than the treadmill. I can adjust my stride better and I just have more spring in my step. But I also run more outdoors than indoors. And my treadmill stares at a blank brown wall and I practically fall asleep from boredom.

    Enjoy that pre-spring weather. It’s wonderful!

  5. I hear ya on not wanting to overdo it with racing costs! They are fun… but so expensive! I think I will volunteer at more this year 🙂

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