Okay I did something else. Yep, this girl is on a roll this week. Just doing doing doing… doing things that I really want to do. Doing things that will better my life.

I signed up for a month of FitClub Boot Camp (probably have to miss the last week due to Spring Break). I signed up for 3 weeks of 5:30 am mornings, a whole lot of running, push-ups, and using tires for weights. Yep, it doesn’t sound pretty, but I guarantee you there will be a happier healthier Linz when it’s all said and done.

Here’s the deal, we are still planning a trip for Spring Break but haven’t quite decided on where yet.  J. Alabama wants to go somewhere tropical.

For me, tropical = bathing suit = me freaking out!

Yeah, I have 3 weeks until our supposed trip and I want to be as ready as possible. I won’t be at my goal, but I will be in better spirits by the end of the three weeks.

Now I will meet with my fitness trainer today and get my pre-measurements done and talk to them about my goals. I actually participated in 3 months of Boot camp last summer and had great results, which is what brings me back.  So I say, what the heck? I’m in.

For all those local Boiseian Women, FitClub Boot Camp is offering their March boot camp for $99.00. That is literally half off the original price. You get one full hour (x5 per week) of getting your butt kicked plus programs to help you track food, plus a whole group of women who are there to support you in your journey. (They did not pay me to advertise this, I just feel strongly about their program and want people to know about this great deal).

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest I thought I should show a little breakfast love since I have been kind of on a roll this week coming up with yummy awesome breakfasts. This one too is pineapple inspired.

I call them Pine-Cakes because that’s what you get when you mix pineapple + pancakes. (You should have seen this one coming).

I mixed about a 1/4 cup of crushed pineapple into the pancake mix, as well as some on top with a sprinkling of coconut flakes and tiny drizzle of agave nectar for syrup.

It was yummy! However, the pancake did not taste pineappley without the pineapple on top. I was saddened by this, but figured the secret pineapple powers from within would do me good all day long anyway.

So Monday marks day 1 of  Operation Tropics: A mission to somewhere warm and a hot bod . So you will have to check back with me then to hear my horror awesome stories of day number 1 of boot camp. LOL! It will be hard, but it will be worth it.


7 thoughts on “Pine-Cakes?

  1. I love bootcamp! I had to decide between a gym membership and bootcamps and I went with gym membership so I can take spin and lift weights! I wasn’t willing to give up my yoga membership;) Although, I will probably give in this summer when they have the outdoor camp and just pay for both! I just wish they offered a bootcamp class at my gym. Good luck!!

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