Human Popsicle

Morning Bloggies! (long post ahead, you were warned!)…..

Race News:

So today I am going to officially sign up for the YMCA St. Patty’s Day 5 mile race this weekend. I planned on doing it online but am having issues with the online registration. So I have to walk on down to the running store at lunch and fill out my registration. Oh darn! 😉  There could more damage done than just a race registration. Stay tuned….

The Vitamin Talk:

I wanted to talk to you about vitamins. In all my talk about getting healthy and exercising I always seem to leave out the important component of Vitamins.

I have felt a bit emotional lately. Nothing too major, it could just be the changing seasons, normal every day stress, all these new and exciting things I keep signing myself up for.  🙂  So I am looking at taking natural supplements to hopefully improve these things, here are some of the ones I recently bought.

I have  heard that I need to be taking a Multi Vitamin. I understand the importance of this, as we just don’t get enough of these important benefits from our regular day of eats alone, even if we ate fruits & veggies all day long! So I am going to be more conscious and will be taking my Women’s One Multi Vitamin everyday.

But I also ran across this… Evening Primrose Oil.  It was recommended as a great supplement to help enhance mood and work with “the time of the month” symptoms. Ahh…It also has a balance of omega-6  and omega-3 (such as fish oil) that promotes health. I have also heard that it helps to  nourish hair & nails too.  

I have also added a daily B- Vitamin to the mix. B Vitamins are great for energy support & management, mood boosting and even memory.

But I thought I would see what other people were taking and why? Do you take daily vitamins/or supplements? Do you feel the benefits? Any other recommendations?


Boot Camp Day #2

The day I became a human popsicle….

It was 32 degrees this morning when I set out to Boot Camp. 32 degrees! People, that means freezing! I layered up 2 more shirts under the sweatshirt, gloves, hat the whole bit. I was not sure how my fingers and toesies were going to function outside in the fra-eeeezingg weather.

Today was a run & speed work day on the track. (YAY x2) Because I needed this for race prep anyways. And it helped so I wasn’t a complete icicle, but not by much.

Of course there were still push-ups, mountain climbers and burpees as a warm-up drill. Then on to the fun stuff!

We had to side shuffle for 400 meters (full circle of the track) once each direction. (Feeling the burn in my bum). Then jump from line to line a full circle around the track. Then 400 meters of backwards run. Let me remind you it is PITCH BLACK DARK outside while we are doing all of this and did I mention it was COLD? Then a lovely 400 meter run, followed by 2 x 200 meter runs, followed by 4 x 100 meter runs.

It rocked, day two was a success!  But by the time I got into my car I could not even feel my legs and my pig tails were frozen from all the sweat. Ick! But nothing a hot shower couldn’t fix I say.

My three-a-day yesterday did not turn out as planned, it started raining pretty heavily and we called if off. But I still managed to sneak in the Zumba class. Tonight I plan on doing an easy 2-3 mile run on the treadmill just loosen up the tightness I am feeling from the sprints and because I missed my run last night.

Happy Tuesday All! It seems my post got a bit long, so I will have to reveal the Spring Break Destination Tomorrow! Oh I’m bad huh?!

7 thoughts on “Human Popsicle

  1. Jumps all the way around…I’d die! I used to be good about taking a multi-vitamin, but I seem to have forgotten about them lately. Thanks fo rthe reminder…I should start that back up!

  2. Did you load up on goodies at the running store?

    Boot Camp sounds awesome! 🙂

    The only supplement I take is B12. Most others have gelatin in them, or funky stuff from animals 😉

  3. Aren’t those Rainbow Light vitamins vegetarian? I like that you can take just ONE and get all your goodies. Way to go Linzi…man, I was wondering if you were going to go this morning, it was 32 on the way to work at that was at 8am! Zumba was good last night though, and I’m feeling it today!

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