Bootay Camp


Silly girl. 🙂

I thought I could muster up the energy to run after work yesterday, but by the time 5:30 pm rolled around I could barely move. The speed work on the track really worked me over. I am just going to count that as my running for the day. Speed work is important to training and I just decided to let it sink in.

As day #3 of boot camp approached I had an inkling of what was in store for me.  I would like to introduce you to my newest friend, the friend that gave me an overall booty kicking workout today, blog friends I introduce you to Mr. Tire, my new love affair. RIGHT!

This thing weighs between 20-25 pounds and is basically replacing those 5 lb hand weights you see. Our trainer told us to bring our hand weights but I knew too well that Mr. Tire and I would have our work cut out for us.

Today’s workout consisted of the following: (I can’t remember the exact reps for all the exercises)

  • Shoulder presses (with tire)
  • Chest presses (with tire)
  • 100 squats
  • 1-2 minutes of squat jumps
  • bicep curls (with hand weights)
  • tricep extension (1 set with tire, 1 with hand weights)
  • 1 minute of swimmers breast stroke (we layed on our tummy and pretended we were swimming)
  • 100 bicycle crunches
  • 100 sitting up crunches
  • 3 minute circuit of butt kickers alternating with high knees
  • chest flies (with weights)
  • 2 minutes of push-ups
  • Plank poses

*And last but not least, we had to complete 100 meters around the track doing a leap-frog jump and/or duck walk for the whole time. If you have not done either of these they are intense. Walking like a duck is hard because you are literally squatted down and can only move your feet, all while using your whole body to balance. Ugghhh! That’s why they call this BOOT(Y) Camp! My booooootay is hurting!


In other news:

I was running a few errands last night and found this lovely must-have contraption. It’s a Fit n Fresh Lunch on the Go set.

It’s a plastic container roomy enough to hold a sandwich, an ice pack in the middle and two smaller snack containers on top.

Then it all fits nicely together in this little container.

When I saw it on the shelf I screamed ” I MUST HAVE THIS!”  and clutched it intensely as if it were the last one and avoided the strange looks people were giving me. Because I was in fact screaming over a lunch box. Yep, that’s right. A fancy smancy lunch box. You would too if you had one!  🙂

I am the girl who has all my little snacks in baggies and containers and my sandwiches are always getting smooshed by my fruit in the bottom of reused plastic grocery store bag.  My morning commute for my lunch is usually pretty tragic. And I am happy to say those days are over. Woah Yeah! 😉 

If you love this then you should check out their link I posted above. I could definitely find myself “needing” a few of their products.

Here is the after picture. I have sandwich thins and bag o spinach on the bottom, tuna salad in one container and two peeled oranges in the other. Yay for my new lunch box!

Okay, now on to the moment you have all been waiting for… drum roll please…………

The Big Spring Break Reveal! 🙂

We are still finalizing our plans but have decided to head over to Portland, Oregon and then make our way through the Oregon Coast.

We both haven’t been to the coast since we were kids and thought it would be fun and relaxing. It definitely won’t be that warm, so this whole beach bod thing is out, but maybe we will find a bed and breakfast with a hot tub! 

It’s relieving to finally know where we are headed. In another post I will have to show you pictures of one of the hotels we will be staying at. It has themed rooms that look out onto the coast. So cute!!

If you have been to the Oregon Coastal area, do you have any suggestions on places that we MUST see? Are you going on any fun trips in the near future?

8 thoughts on “Bootay Camp

  1. Wow. I am seriously tired just reading over that workout. You are going to be superhuman by the end of this! Loove the fit and fresh. I am a plastic baggie girl too. I should invest in one of those! Better for the environment. Have fun on your break. It sounds like it will be beautiful!

  2. Holy crazy workout…I like it! Let us know how you feel tomorrow!

    Your trip is going to be fantastic…Portland and the Oregon coast are definitely on my to-do list:)

  3. Looks like a tough workout!

    I LOVE the Oregon Coast. We’ve been there 7 out of the last 8 summers. Though this year we’re going to try something else. This could be a novel.

    We take our trailer though so it might be a slightly different experience. We love staying at the State Park in Newport (they have lots of nice trails for running). Newport is a pretty cool town overall. They have the BEST bike shop I’ve ever been too, and I’m only a very casual cyclist. The owners, Elliott & Daniella, are SUPER cool. There are group rides you can join in – you could probably rent a bike if needed. Outside of that, the shopping in Newport Bay is pretty cool too. Lots to do there.

    The prettiest part of the coast (in my opinion) is at the southern end – near Cape Sebastian. Really big rocks right near the ocean shore.

    The sand dunes near Florence are a must see for us too. Personally I did NOT enjoy going to the seal caves near there, but they are pretty popular. We found a few places nearby where you could just pull off the highway and if it’s the right time of year you can see tons of sealife for free and without the horrid smell and commercialism.

    We usually have to bypass the northern end of the coast because our trailer is too big for most campgrounds there. But we did go through once and it was quite pretty. Probably more suited for hotel visitors.

    Lincoln City is nice too, but usually a bit windier than other destinations. Our friends have rented a house there a couple times in the fall and loved it. Cold & wet, but pretty.

    We really enjoyed stopping at all the lighthouses along the coast. None of them disappointed. Yaquina Head & Heceta Head were my favourites.

    Enjoy your trip!

  4. Hey Linzi, thanks for stopping by my blog! It looks like your boot camp workout is awesome! I’d love to find something like that. And that Fit n Fresh Lunch on the Go set looks really great, too. I may be the next one to pick one up…

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