Running Group:

Last night the Will Run For Wine Running group met up. The wind was blowing and we were cold. It’s funny how much colder it felt at 5:30 pm as opposed to my 29 degree boot camp workout yesterday at 5:30 am.  It’s gotta be all those layers I wear in the morn that keep me toasty! (that or the ultimate bootay workout I have been getting).

I was super super excited when my bro called and said he would be joining us on our run. You may remember awhile back that the bro started up running, you can read about it here and here.

This picture was taken post run. (Don’t you love the hippie van in the back? I do!)

Well my brother is really improving and was actually running me yesterday. I was struggling big time. My muscles around my knees were so sore and my quads &  hamstrings were super tight. I was hobbling down the street attempting to run. I thought by doing a light run that would loosen up the old muscles. Ohhhhh no, I just looked silly and I had to take a bunch of walking breaks. We barely did 2 miles and I called it quits.

Then we stopped by the bro’s place to take a few pictures. I wanted to point out my brother’s awesome running attire. 🙂 And he wanted to show me his new baby chickens. You heard me right, chickens. (I promise to tell you more about the chickens in another post).


I have noticed that the intensity of this boot camp is leaving me oober sore. And it’s to the point where I can barely walk, sit, stand. I am bit worried about my 5 mile race on Saturday. During boot camp this morning I was having trouble just running a lap. I know this pain in temporary and much needed, but I need to be able to run 5 on Saturday. (And would like to do it in good time).

So it brings to me to this awesome product. It’s called Xtend.

I actually worked for 4 months over at www.BodyBuilding.com about a year and half ago and learned tons about supplements and bodybuilding. My most favorite product was this Xtend. It is great for muscle recovery.

What is it you ask? Well, it’s a mix of branch chain amino acids and Glutamine. These help to rebuild the muscles after a hard work out and actually speed up recovery time. (You can click the Xtend link above to read more about it).

I love this stuff and know it has worked wonders in the past! And was so glad that I remembered that I had little bit left to get me through these next few weeks of camp. So I have been drinking it up!

For the best results they say you should start drinking it about 30 minutes to and hour before a workout and also during.

You just mix two small scoops into your water bottle and shake it up.

Has anyone ever tried the Xtend? Do you have your own muscle recovery recommendations?


Boot Camp Day #4:

We are just going to call today ABS ABS ABS! Yep. If you know of an ab routine then chances are we probably did it. There were supermans, toe touches, side planks, more swimmers all mixed in with running laps and the lovely 100 squat jumps (x2). NO WONDER I CAN’T MOVE TODAY. I think we have done squat jumps like every single day. Okay I am done complaining.

I’m contemplating hitting up a cardio kickboxing class tonight to finish off week one of Operation Tropics: Mission to somewhere warm and a hot bod. Lol, we may not be going somewhere warm, but darn it I’m going to one step closer to swimsuit season either way.  (I am taking a rest day tomorrow to let my body recover before the big race on saturday, so no boot camp report tomorrow).

Happy Thursday!! And I will be back tomorrow with a mini fruity friday report. WOo hoOo!


8 thoughts on “ABS ABS ABS

  1. Awesome that your brother is doing so well! Got to love his outfit, ahahhaha.

    I don’t know how you are managing this boot camp stuff and running. You’re going to be so RIPPED!

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