ME vs ME

So I got the bug. Yup, this girl has been home sick the past few days trying to nurse a head cold. 😦  It’s not been fun, but I am feeling much much better. If you noticed a lack of boot camp updates I took friday and today off as a way to let my body recover, hopefully I will be back in action tomorrow morning. 

This weekend I thought up some new and awesome smoothie recipes! I realized I have been on a smoothie roll lately and wanted to make it easy for you all (and myself) to refer back to these delicious treats, so I added a new SMOOTHIE tab at the top of the page and linked to my favorite creations. 

Which brings me to today’s TO DIE FOR Smoothie. I call it The Chocolate Peanut butter Dream Monster. Because it is just that, a dreamy delicious peanut buttery shake. It tasted like a milk shake, no joke.      



The Chocolate Peanut butter Dream Monster:    

  •   3 tsp cocoa powder   
  •  1 scoop vanilla protein powder   
  •  1 cup of almond milk   
  •  2 tbsp of peanut butter   
  •  2 handfuls of spinach   
  •  3 ice cubes   

Throw it all in the blender and you have yourself a breakfast smoothie that makes you feel like you had dessert first! It’s that good.


Me vs Me:

I had a major self-ephiphany this weekend after a discussion of me playing sports throughout my childhood took place. I was recollecting back on all the times I had participated in group sports and been the team cheerleader/worst player on the team.

I am not lying when I say I was probably the worst the player on the softball, basketball and volleyball teams, but at least I had spirit. Because see growing up I didn’t care if I was actually playing as long as I was still part of the group. As the years went by I noticed that it was not as much fun anymore to be the worst player on the team. The team didn’t look to me so much for team cheers or support anymore and I was actually holding them back. I finally came to terms with that and gave up team sports. I hadn’t really thought about doing anything that was more personal until running came into my life.

I got to thinking though that running is the first sport that I have actively participated in where I could not be the worst player on the team. Since I am the “team” , it’s virtually up to ME to win this race. When I say winning the race, I mean finishing. Because when you are a one person team you are always a winner. You are always going to come in first place.

It’s ultimately a battle of ME vs ME. Now every race I participate in I have the opportunity to try and make a personal record or a distance record. But what I have discovered about myself is that the journey of the race or the run is actually part of the game. It’s always an adventure but in the end I always win! 🙂

I am happy to say that I am involved in a sport that pushes me to be better. I don’t feel as though I am sitting on the sidelines looking in anymore and wishing I was in the game. Also, I know I am not the fastest runner out there but I have heart and have found something that makes me feel good and I feel accomplished after a race.  

Running may not be my favorite thing in the world, but it is definitely a sport that I feel like I am the star when I am out there giving all I have. And every time I cross a finish line at a race I get overjoyed with the fact that I just accomplished this feat. Because for me, merely a year ago I had never even thought that I would be running for fun, let alone training for a marathon.

It’s amazing to be able to finally be out there doing something for ME for a change. The only person I need to worry about anymore is ME. And it’s ME who is pushing myself and trying to beat ME. Can’t be mad if I don’t beat my own PR right? 🙂

Have you ever thought about running as you vs you, a race against yourself?


10 thoughts on “ME vs ME

  1. Sorry to hear that you’ve been under the weather. Hope you are feeling better again soon!

    That smoothie sounds delicious… and cool shot with the straw! (it took me a second to realize that is what I was looking at)

    I definitely love running in that we are essentially competing against ourselves, and yet we still get to toe the line with the likes of some of the best athletes out there.

  2. Hope you feel better!
    I loved team sports growing up but I also really like just being “team me” for a change. It’s kind of fun competing against your self haha. I think the “me vs. me” can also be in terms of fighting your thoughts, which can be the hardest part some times!

  3. Hey!
    im glad that you r feeling better. Taking a little time off is a good thing!!!
    Ur smoothie sounds delicious! Congrats! I didnt have a smoothie this morning and i feel like i am lacking something.

    I really like ur post today. We are always competing with ourselves and yet, we r never bored with it and always push ourselves to the limit!
    i like how u said that running is not ur fave thing in the world. I feel the same. Ya there are other things i rather do; but by getting out there, i feel like i can accomplish anything, in running and in other aspects of my life!

    happy monday!

  4. I agree…that is the reason I think I have come to really LOVE RUNNING! I played sports back in H.S. and was decent, but afterwards, as I got older, there aren’t as many options for mediocre athletes. I feel that running gives me that competition (even though it is with myself) and that drive to push myself to accomplish something…and every time I cross the finish line or even just finish a training run, I DID IT…I WON! It is such-an-awesome-feeling! I may have to do a post about this on my blog…what a great way to think about running! Have a great day!

  5. To look within yourself for your strength and not to someone or something else is a gift in itself. What a great revolation Linz. Gifts come each and every day!

    • Muay Thai sounds awesome – I have been wanting to get into that. Can you tell me more about what it is and what you get out of it. Is it like kickboxing-ish?

  6. Hai Linzi,

    Found your blog through Heidi, One step a time. Read some of your posts and like it. Look forward to follow you on your journey to your first marathon.

    I saw that we both started running in March 2009 for the same reasons.

    If you have the time someday, feel free to visit my blog.


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