Three Things Thursday


1. Jillian’s New Show

Have you heard that Jillian Michael’s will be hosting her own spin-off of the Biggest Loser called Losing it with Jillian airing June 1st? (Maybe this is old news, I just checked the online article and it was dated Oct 2009, guess I am a little behind the times?)

I am just super excited because I love Jillian and I love the Biggest Loser. So anything to keep my Tuesday nights filled with motivational television. I definitely feel more motivated to lose weight after watching the Biggest Loser contestants completely change their bodies in a matter of weeks. I am not saying I agree with all the tactics of the show, but it does inspire me.


2.  Lululemon

I just found out they are opening a Lululemon store here in Boise!  I have heard all the ranting and raving about how awesome this store is, now I will finally get to see what it is all about! April 1st! Woo hoo.


3. My vacation starts in 1.5 days!

We are heading to Portland and then taking an adventure up the Oregon Coast. SO EXCITED!!! 

I wanted to mention that I used to book our hotel room in Portland, after reading about Angela’s success with it on her current vacation. I was super scared to pay for a hotel room without  knowing which hotel we were going to be staying at, but we got matched into a 5 Star hotel in downtown Portland for $104.00 a night. When I saw the pictures of the hotel I knew we made the right decision.

I am really looking forward to a few days of relaxing, sight seeing and just spending time with J. Alabama! 🙂

Two posts in one-day, that might be a first over here at Destination 26.2! Well, I guess you and I are probably sick of hearing about me being sick. So I wanted to jazz up today’s post with fun stuff. 

And once again, don’t forget to to enter my first ever blog give away!  All you runners out there will want this comfy awesome Under Armour shirt! I promise. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. I hadn’t head about Jillian’s new show! I’ll definitely check it out. LOVE TBL!

    Woohoo Lululemon… warning, you will be hooked! Save your pennies. 🙂

    Have a wonderful vacation!!!

  2. I didn’t know about Jillian! Her decisions lately really confuse me. It seems like her agent is making them all for her.

    Have a great vacation!

  3. ur 3 things are awesome today!
    1. i also love jillian
    2. i love lululemon (tho i only have 4 things from it bc i cant afford it)
    3. i love vacations. u guys will have a blast!!!!!!! 🙂

    oh and 12.3k is 7.6 miles. i think u can do it.

    oh and i couldnt find the grapples. but i will look for them again today. i will be going to the organic store, so i will see if they have them there. sorry. i will look harder! 🙂

    ps. Happy Friday!

  4. woha i totally commented on teh wrong post with that last one, but anyhow jillian and I are not on such great terms anymore…I just don’t know about her choice to sell diet pills

  5. Love your blog, Linzi!!! It’s so fun to read! You will LOVE Lululemon – it is my favorite store in TX!!! I can’t go in there w/o buying something & if you order online you can get free shipping! It is expensive but SO worth it!

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