The little things


It really is the little things that make a world of difference. 🙂

I decided to go to the cardio kickboxing class at my gym last night. I haven’t been able to attend in 3 weeks. I have never left that class without a body high and smile on my face. So I knew it would be just the thing to get me over this hump. I also told myself if at any point I wasn’t feeling good that it’s okay to leave.

I got there to find our regular teacher was absent, but the replacement was awesome. She had so much energy! I especially loved how she incorporated kickboxing moves into our cool down time. When we did our sit-ups we were supposed to punch the air with with our fists on either side of or legs, alternating everytime. Then we would go up and punch 10 times fast in the middle of our legs. This was a fun twist on a regular old sit-up.

WHew! I left the class feeling like a million bucks.

After my kickboxing class I had to run a few last errands before the big VACAY! I went to Old Navy in search of a cute coastal dress and found nothing but this little thing.

It’s a re-useable hard plastic iced coffee SMOOTHIE cup.

And it worked perfectly for my Chocolate Cherry Bomb Smoothie that I literally sucked down this morning.

My favorite part is the reusable straw. My biggest issue has been feeling guilty about throwing away so many straws. Now I can drink my smoothies guilt free!

Quick & Easy Granola bars:

Before the night was over I was bound and determined to make Anne’s famous 5 minute no bake Peanut butter granola bars!

These little guys were super easy to make. I popped them out of the fridge this morning and cut them into individual bars and wrapped them up for our trip.

I wanted something healthy to snack on while we gone. I know we are going to be feasting on tons of amazingly rich foods (ie. Clam Chowder!) and needed some healthy snacks to balance it all out. Holy YUM!



Speaking of healthy snacks….

In my quest to find another fruit to report (it is Fruity Friday afterall) on I ran across these apples. Or shall I say GRAPPLES?


Have you ever heard of them?

Apparently they are hybrid of grapes and apples.


I totally wish that blogs had a scratch n’ sniff mechanism. Seriously! These apples made my whole house smell like grape juice!

Weird, I know!  So grAPPLES that look like apples and smell like grape juice. What do they taste like you ask? Exactly what you think they should taste like… a crisp apple with an after taste of grapes.

So there you have it, the little things that make me happy! 

Have you ever had a grapple? What is a little thing that made you happy yesterday or today?


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10 thoughts on “The little things

  1. great review! i am still on a hunt for some these suckers!
    and i loooove ur cup! i keep using coffee mugs for my green monsters in the morning, and i need something different.
    will look in old navy to see what they have. i might copy u! lol

    and omg, ur gronola bars. i might also make em!!! they look and sound incredible!

  2. Grapples freak me out a little bit, I must admit. I was going to buy them the other day, but 3 of the 4 grapples in the package were bruised and kinda funky looking, so I passed.

    This is not a good week for things that make me happy — the first two things I did this morning were clean up a Barkley accident in the living room and get blood drawn at my doctor’s office 😦 Maybe next week will be better…

  3. Grapple! Cool name, and yes, I will try them! Love the new cup, and the granola bars look delicious!! What made me happy today was letting someone merge in on Capital Blvd., on the way to work. Nobody would let that poor girl merge in and I could see the panic in her eyes. For heaven’s sake people, it didn’t hurt one bit to slow down and let her merge in. The look on her face was precious…She smiled and waved, and had a big sigh of relief. It made my day to make her day. LOL! Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. I’ve always been sort of curious about grapples, so thanks for the report! I haven’t seen them in grocery stores here lately, but next time I do I’ll pick some up 🙂 Have a wonderful vacation!!

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